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Insects on the stage

Many people have a love hate reationship with insects. You might not like the spiders that inhabit the corner of your house but some insect species such as bees are essential for human life. Dr Vivek Nityananda an insect researcher here in the CBE has been working with community theatre group Cap a Pie to introduce children to these amazing creatures.

Six Legs is a new show for children aged 4-7 which ran over the summer at Ouseburn farm in Newcastle. The project received funding from the Wellcome Trust and the Arts Council England. The farm with its array of plants was the perfect backdrop and really fired the children's imagination. There was lots of positive feedback from both the children and parents

An important part of our work is to make science accessible to people out side of the University. Art and theatre can be a great way to do this and to introduce scientific concepts in a novel way. You can find more information on our other events on our seminars page.  

published on: 20 September 2016