National Centre for Energy Systems Integration

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Professor Simone Abram
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Simone is Durham Energy Institute’s Co-Director for Social Sciences and Health and a member of the Department of Anthropology at Durham University.

She qualified in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Manchester University in 1988 and was awarded a DPhil in Social Anthropology from Oxford University in 1994. Since then, her research has brought together science studies and governance, through studies of tourism, urban development and land-use planning. Simone’s energy interests lie in relating different disciplinary perspectives on energy and society, including the governance of energy developments, recent transformations of energy markets, ethical questions in energy modelling, and the changing social and political significance of energies, particularly electricity.

Simone is a member of the European PERSON network for social sciences in energy research and co-convenes the European Energy Anthropology Network.

Simone works on a number of CESI work packages, including:

  • WP1          Commercial, Regulatory & Policy Aspects
  • WP6          Multi-scale Architectures, Planning & Operation