National Centre for Energy Systems Integration

Staff Profile

Dr Gareth Powells

Senior Lecturer


I am a human geographer with four interconnecting areas of research interest:

  1. Socio-Technical Innovation: My research has focused on the economic, social and ethical questions around innovations in sustainable energy and infrastructure networks.
  2. Everyday life: Central to my research is an ongoing interest in understanding what shapes everyday habits and practices, and their implications.
  3. Economic Geographies: I am interested in multi-scalar and spatially connective economies of places, systems and practices. 
  4. Integration of qualitative, quantitative and spatial data: I like the challenge of working with diverse data and research approaches and see this as central to my work as a researcher and teacher. 
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I am the Degree Programme Director for our Ba and Bsc Geography degrees and for our Bsc Physical Geography degree here at Newcastle.

I also contribute to the following modules in human geography:

  • GEO2224: Urban Sustainability
  • GEO2099: Economic Geography
  • GEO3158: Sustainable Production and Consumption
  • GEO8017 Human Geography: Concepts in Action
  • GEO8016 Philosophies in Human Geography


My research in geography sits at the interfaces between social and technical disciplines, between qualitative and quantitative research approaches and between academics and stakeholders.

My research currently focusses on:

  1. Localisations - I am interested in the diversersity of localizations emerging in response to crises of economy, environment and health in the early twenty first century
  2. The national centre for energy system integration (CESI). Here I am interested in local and interconnected sustainable energy systems of places.
  3. Hydrogen: Here I am looking at the possible use of hydrogen as an energy source for UK homes and businesses. Drawing on theories of practice, ideas about risk perception and acceptance and geographies of fear

I am keen to meet students and researchers at any career stage to develop new research.

in 2021 I have been working with Michael Fell and Charlotte Johnson from University College London to organise a workshop that will focus on Flexibility in energy systems. Full details are here: