National Centre for Energy Systems Integration

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Professor Jon Gluyas
Jon Gluyas

Jon is Dean of Knowledge Exchange at Durham University and the current Executive Director of Durham Energy Institute.  He holds the DONG / Ikon Chair in Geoenergy Carbon Capture and Storage, also at Durham University.

Jon has had a long career in the petroleum industry before joining academia.  His current research interests include low carbon geoenergy sources and exploitation including geothermal and the impact of energy extraction and storage on the shallow crust.  Jon has published widely including a text book, several memoir and around 100 peer reviewed papers. He has served as the President of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain and the Earth Science Teachers Association. He has also served as chairman of the `British Geological Survey Board. Jon chaired the development board of what became the UK CCS Research Centre and he is a founder of national research body BritGeothermal.

Jon works on several CESI Work Packages, and is lead for Work Package 2:

  • WP2          Energy Supply (Work Package Lead)
  • WP5          Validation & Demonstration
  • WP7          Impact, Engagement & Management