National Centre for Energy Systems Integration

Staff Profile

Dr Mansoureh Zangiabadi

Research Associate/ MSc Project Supervisor


Mansoureh is a member of the Electrical Power Research Group.

she received her PhD from University of Tehran, Iran working on challenges facing electrical distribution networks with integration of renewables resources. She joined Newcastle University, school of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2013. She is actively involved in teaching activities mainly supervising MSc students’ projects in power system subject alongside collaborating in research activities in power system area specifically applying smarter solutions in electrical networks and whole energy systems. She is currently doing research on a European project H2020 looking at interconnection of power distribution networks and electric railway network towards a mutual synergy result and the reduction of distribution losses. She is also a member of CESI researchers’ team. The Centre for Energy Systems Integration (CESI) aim is to reduce the risks associated with securing an integrated energy system for the UK.

Her main research topics interest:

  1. Smarter solutions of future power systems (Electrical Battery Storage, Demand Response, Renewable Energy Resources, Micro Grids)
  2. Whole energy network roadmap of future (energy hub management)
  3. Electrification of Transport, Electrical Vehicles and Electrical Railway



EEE8093- Research project- MSc in Power Distribution Engineering

EEE8097- Individual project- MSc in Electrical power