Centre for Rural Economy

Staff Profile

Dr Helen Kendall

Research Associate


My research interests lie in understanding consumer behaviour in relation to food. I am particularly interested in way in which consumers respond to and mitigate food risks. Specifically, microbiological food risks and the role of domestic food handling practices. I have an interest in exploring consumer attitudes towards food fraud and intentional malevolence within food systems. 

I conduct international research that is of policy relevance and that requires transdisciplinary collaboration between the social and natural sciences. I engage with a range of stakeholders across the food supply chain including, food policy makers, primary food producers and manufactures and food consumers.

Area of Expertise 

I have experience in:  

  • Employing qualitative and quantitative methodologies to understand attitudes and behaviours related to food, (in relation microbiological food hazards, food authenticity and societal and consumer responses to emerging food production technologies)
  • Understanding and measuring societal and individual responses to risks and benefits associated with food, in relation to microbiological food safety  
  • Stakeholder analysis and scientific foresight regarding research agenda setting, policy and governance in the area of emerging food technologies, and food and agricultural policy issues
  • Evidenced based methods, qualitative and quantitative systematic reviews


I currently working on on the 'Resilient Dairy Landscapes' project led by Professor Mark Reed, funded by the Global Food Security's Resilience of the UK Food System Programme' with support from the BBSRC, ESRC, NERC and Scottish Government. 



I have previously taught on the Food and Human Nutrition (BSc, Newcastle University International Singapore) and I currently supervise post-graduate students enrolled on the International Marketing MSc at Newcastle University Business School.