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Dr Mercy Ojo

Research Associate


Mercy works as a Research Associate in the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Centre for Rural Economy at Newcastle University. Prior to this, she worked as a researcher at the Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Research in Gent Belgium. She also worked as a teaching Assistant in Micro Economics at IESEG School of Management, Lille France and simultaneously completed her Phd in University of Lille France.

A researcher with interdisciplinary competencies within the scope of efficiency analysis, productivity analysis and environmental sustainability. She possesses strong analytical skill with well-disciplined approaches and frameworks for analysing complex issues of economics and management. Her specific interests lie in Productivity and efficiency Analysis with high proficiency in the use of GAMs, STATA and Excel for Data Analysis.


PhD in Agricultural Economics, University of Lille, France

Master in Economics of the Agrofood chain, Paul Sabatier university, Toulouse France

Master in Agricultural Economics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Bachelor in Agriculture, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

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Mercy's research has focussed on developing optimisation models for determining the optimal scale of dairy farms. She also assessed Cost dominance of Dutch dairy farmers that used low or high external input cost. Her Phd research investigated the economic effect of pesticide use reduction in French Crop farming Systems. Currently, her research is focussing on assessing the impact of agricultural policy scenarios following Brexit by integrating state of the art modelling approaches at farm level.

Research Interests:
- Productivity and Efficiency Analysis
- Cost Dominance and Competitiveness
- Environmental Sustainability
- Micro Economics
- Natural Resource Management
- Farm Income Models

Mercy currently works under a research project tagged ESRC Brexit project 


I taught micro-economics at IESEG School of Managements, Lille France


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  • OJO OM. Varying Scale and Scope dimensions of cost frontiers while exploring their heterogeneous competitiveness in a diversified European dairy farming Systems. 2018. In Preparation.
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  • Boussemart JP, Leleu H, Ojo OM. “Could Society’s willingness to reduce pesticide use be aligned with Farmers’ economic self-interest?”. Ecological Economics 2011, 70(10) :1797-1804.
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