Centre for Rural Economy

Staff Profile

Steven Hall

IAFRI Manager



I have been Institute Implementation Manager since April 2015

Role and Responsibilities

Prior to institute launch in October 2015 I was acting as project manager for IAFRI. This involved identifying and planning work packages then ensured the institute could be operational from day 1. These work packages were mainly concerned in developing new processes for IAFRI that aligned current Newcastle University and Fera Science Ltd.

Post launch I am acting Institute Manager providing support to institute members in all research related activities. I am also developing a quality management system  for IAFRI processes.

CHAP Program Manager - Operating a Fleet of Mobile Labs throughout the UK

Business Process Improvement for SAgE Faculty


HNC - Computer Software Development

HND - Computer Software Development

BSc Hons in Applied Computing  (1st Class)


Winner of the 2013 SAS Data Warehousing and Data Mining Prize, awarded by Sheffield Hallam University. 

Previous Positions

Computing Officer for AFRD

Network Systems Engineer for Conex Data Communications


I provide bespoke solutions for the acquisition, storage and dissemination of Research Data for the school. The largest project so far is the construction of a Field Trial Data storage system for Nafferton Ecological Farming Group. http://www.nefg-organic.org/the-farm/

Other Projects Include: 

  • Web applications for the financial and technical reporting of EU FP7 projects.
  • RFID Cattle monitoring system.
  • Sheep Trial research system for Cockle Park farm
  • Content Managment systems for other research projects within AFRD.
  • Web based system for processing Undergraduate applications to AFRD
  • Development of Staff HR Portal for school administration team
  • Food Frequency Questionnaire web system for the capture of participant food intake producing daily nutrients figures. This system is use in numerous projects within AFRD and the University.
  • NIReS: A web-based GIS portal for the University Farms Platform (BH140539, DR J A Taylor)
  • Innogrow Benchmarking Tool for SME comparison within the EU
  • Antibody and Glycan Binding Database

I also currently provide administrative and technical support to the school in other projects that include:

  • Implementation and accreditation of a Quality Management System that conforms to ISO9001
  • Specification and implementation of centralised printing systems
  • Requirement specification for proposed upgrade of Cockle Park's network infrastructure