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Keynote at the 7th International Conference on the Future of Women

Dr Stacy Gillis delivers the keynote at an international gathering focussed on women's lives, experiences and opportunities.

23 February 2024

Care, Reading and Labour in Higher Education

Dr Stacy Gillis's keynote addresses the conference theme of 'Transforming Women's Worlds: Practices and Possibilities' by focussing on care, labour and the act of reading in higher education.

The conference is hosted by the Asian-African Association for Women, Gender and Sexuality and is held from the 22-23 of February in Bangkok, Thailand. The theme of the conference is ‘Transforming Women’s Worlds: Practices and Possibilities’. The Future of Women Conference aims to actively contribute to the achievement of eight of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals including ending poverty, providing quality education and reducing inequalities.

 Dr Gillis’s keynote is entitled ‘’Transforming Story Spaces: Care and Labour in Higher Education’.  She explains:

‘My paper asks how to think about reading as an act of radical care for ourselves, for our discipline, for our communities, and how acts of reading be used as a challenge to the neo-liberal hustle in higher education and beyond.  With the re-working of stories, we can re-envision our feminist futures.’

 Dr Gillis, a scholar of gender and sexuality in twentieth-century popular culture and science-fiction, is a longstanding editor-in-chief  of the journal Feminist Theory.

She will also run a workshop on scholarly publishing at the conference with the aim of developing attendees’ knowledge of academic publishing practice, particularly for scholarly journals.

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