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Listen to this story! Exhibition

25 October 2022

Listen to this Story! Exhibition

As Black History Month draws to an end, an exhibition opens which delightfully continues the conversation. Listen to this story! is an exhibition based on the research of SELLL's British Academy Global Professor, Karen Sands-O'Connor, and is about the struggles and successes of Black British authors in representing their world. The exhibition is a collaboration between Seven Stories, the national centre for children's books based in Ouseburn, the Philip Robinson Library Special Collections and Newcastle's Libraries and features events and collaborative exhibitions. A huge thank you and well done to Ella Fothergill, currently studying for her MA in English Literature (Children's Literature) in SELLL, who worked with the organisers on the exhibition. 

You can visit the two exhibition sites, one of which is on Level 2 of the Robinson Library on campus and the other at City Library on John Dobson Street. The Robinson Library exhibition was co-curated by our own SELLL students - do take a look when you are next there.