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Fengting Du

Research project title

The Perception of and Adaptation to Regional and East Asian English Accents by Native and L2 English Speakers


Prof Martha Young-Scholten and Dr Rory Turnbull

Contact Details


Research interests

  • phonetics
  • phonology
  • sound change
  • second language acquisition
  • speech perception and processing
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A brief outline of the research project

My research focuses on the perception and adaptation of English accents from Eastern Asian L2 English speakers. I intend to find the relationship between L1 language backgrounds and accentual traces. In other words, I am looking at whether there is an intelligibility benefit from L1s in perceiving L2-accented speech. I am currently contacting Burmese, Mandarin, Thai and Vietnamese L2 English speakers.

Research activities

Group membership

  • NCL Phonetics and Phonology Research Group


  • SEL1027 - Introduction to the Structure of Language 1: Syntax and Phonology: Seminar Leader of the phonology session, 2021-22
  • SEL1028 - Introduction to the Structure of Language 2: Morphology and Meaning: Seminar Leader of the meaning session, 2022-22


  • HaSS PG First-Year Research Conference: Hey, watch out! Accents are on fire, 2021
  • Speaker Presenting in 2019 Linguistics PG Summer Conference, 2019

Academic background

  • MA in Linguistics, Newcastle University
  • BA in English, Changzhou University