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Iris Kleiman

Doctoral Student in Literature - Iris’s thesis is entitled 'The concept of God in the context of the 12th century’ discovery of “self” in Old English and Middle English language and literature'

Research project title

The Concept of God in the Context of the 12th Century’ Discovery of “Self” in Old English and Middle English Language and Literature


Dr Adam Mearns + Dr Aditi Nafde

Contact details



Research interests

  • History of English
  • Historical Sociolinguistics
  • Medieval Literature
  • Language Variation

A brief outline of my research project

An exploration of the ways in which 12th-century’s ideas about God influenced the development of three aspects of identity: national identity, religious identity and gender identity.

Research activities

My academic background

  • BA in Philology, T. Shevchenko National University of Kiev
  • MA in Applied Linguistics, Cross-Cultural Communication and Education, Newcastle University