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Dr Ella Mershon

Lecturer in Victorian Literature



I am a lecturer in Victorian Literature, specializing in ecocritical approaches to the literatures and sciences of the nineteenth century. Working across disciplines, time periods, and cultures, my research and teaching explore the many afterlives of Romantic and Victorian thought as they continue to shape understandings of the environment, constructions of the human, and interpretations of advancement and progress.


BA in English, University of California, Berkeley

MA in English, New York University

PhD in English, University of California, Berkeley

Previous Positions

A. W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Visiting Assistant Professor, Marquette University 


Research Interests

My research interests include nineteenth-century literature, ecocriticism and the environmental humanities, science and technology studies, gender and sexuality studies, queer theory, and science fiction.

Current Book Project

I am currently at work on a book project called, “Inorganicism: The Forms of Decay in the Age of Coal,” which takes up the disjuncture between the Romantic promotion of organicism and the post-1800 rise of an “inorganic economy,” that is, an economy fueled by inorganic stocks of energy as opposed to organic flows of wind, water, and animal-based energy sources. 


An essay drawn from my current book project on John Ruskin’s geochemical conception of “dust” and the gender politics of self-formation was published in Victorian Studies and was selected as the Editor’s Choice for the issue. Another essay on fugitive, cryptic, and queer forms of fungal belonging was published in a special issue of Victorian Literature and Culture on “Open Ecologies.” 


20/21: Semester 1: Online Feedback & Consultation Hours

Tuesday, 15.00-16.00

Wednesday, 10.00-12.00

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20/21 Semester 1

SEL2204: Victorian Passions, Victorian Values

SEL3362: Dissertation Supervision

19/20: Semester Two

SEL3409: Planetary Imaginations

SEL2210: Independent Research Project 2

SEL1023: Transformations

SEL3362: Dissertation Supervision

SEL8047: MA Dissertation Supervision

19/20: Semester One

SEL2204: Victorian Passions, Victorian Values

SEL3362: Dissertation Supervision

18/19: Semester Two

SE1023: Transformations

SEL3365: Independent Essay Supervision