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Staff Profile

Dr Lauren Ackerman

Research Associate and Ling Lab Manager

Emerita Professor Linda Anderson

Professor of Modern English and American Literature

Professor James Annesley

Acting Dean of Culture and the Creative Arts | Professor of Contemporary American Literature

Emeritus Professor Bruce Babington

Emeritus Professor

Emeritus Professor John Batchelor

Emeritus Professor

Dr Tara Bergin

Senior Lecturer in Writing Poetry (Creative Writing)

Melanie Birch

Postgraduate and Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts Administrator

Scott Burdon

Learning and Teaching Assistant

Emeritus Professor Noel Burton-Roberts

Professor of English Language and Linguistics

Dr Mark Byers


Emeritus Professor Tom Cain

Emeritus Professor

Dr John Challis

Research Associate

Professor Kate Chedgzoy

Professor of Renaissance Literature

Dr Ruth Connolly

Senior Lecturer

Dr Zoe Cooper

Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing

Professor Karen Corrigan

Director of Research in Linguistics

Sherelle Coulson

Deputy School Manager

Dr James Cummings

Senior Lecturer in Late Medieval English Literature and Digital Humanities

Dr Christine Cuskley

Lecturer in Language and Cognition

Dr Kate De Rycker

Lecturer in Renaissance Literature

Dr Daniel Duncan

Lecturer in Sociolinguistics

Dr Ella Dzelzainis

Senior Lecturer in Nineteenth-Century Literature

Caroline Ede

Learning and Teaching Assistant

Laura Elliott

School Research, Finance and HR Administrator

Dr Helen Freshwater

Reader in Theatre & Performance

Dr Tina Gharavi

Senior Lecturer in English: Digital Media/Film

Dr Stacy Gillis

Senior Lecturer in Twentieth-Century Literature & Culture

Emeritus Professor Desmond Graham

Emeritus Professor

Professor Matthew Grenby

Pro Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation

Dr SJ Hannahs

Reader in Linguistics

Dr James Harriman-Smith

Lecturer in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature

Dr Rosalind Haslett

Lecturer in Dramatic Literature

Professor Bill Herbert

Professor of Poetry & Creative Writing

Dr Rachel Hewitt

Lecturer in Creative Writing

Emeritus Professor Anders Holmberg

Emeritus Professor, FBA, MAE

Dr Joseph Hone

Academic Track Fellow in Literature and Book History

Professor Lars Iyer

Professor of Creative Writing

Dr Jacob Jewusiak

Senior Lecturer in Victorian Literature

Dr Laura Kirkley

Senior Lecturer in Eighteenth-Century Literature

Lesley Lant

School Manager

Dr Kirsten MacLeod

Reader in Modernist Print Culture

Dr Robbie McLaughlan

Lecturer in English Literature

Dr Adam Mearns

Senior Lecturer in the History of the English Language

Dr Ella Mershon

Lecturer in Victorian Literature

Professor Sinead Morrissey

Professor of Creative Writing

Dr Emily Murphy

Senior Lecturer in Children's Literature

Dr Aditi Nafde

Senior Lecturer in Medieval Literature

Dr Alex Niven

Lecturer in English Literature

Dr Meiko O'Halloran

Senior Lecturer in Romantic Literature

Dr Jennifer Orr

Senior Lecturer in Eighteenth Century Literature; NEPS Mentor

Dr Kendra Packham

Research Associate

Karen Patterson

Learning and Teaching Assistant

Dr Natalia Pavlovskaya

Associate Lecturer 21/22

Dr Lucy Pearson

Senior Lecturer in Childrens Literature

Dr Heike Pichler

Senior Lecturer in Variationist Sociolinguistics

Professor Jacob Polley

Professor of Creative Writing

Dr Geoffrey Poole

Senior Lecturer in Linguistics

Professor James Procter

Prof of Modern & Contemporary Lit

Dr Jonathan Quayle

Lecturer in Romantic Literature

Emeritus Professor Peter Reynolds

Emeritus Professor

Emerita Professor Kim Reynolds

Emerita Professor

Professor Jennifer Richards

Joseph Cowen Professor of English Literature

Dr Thom Robinson

Teaching Assistant 19/20

Professor Michael Rossington

Professor of Romantic Literature

Professor Karen Sands-O'Connor

British Academy Global Professor

Professor Neelam Srivastava

Professor of Postcolonial and World Literature

Dr Leanne Stokoe

Lecturer in Eighteenth-Century Literature

Dr Fionnghuala Sweeney

Reader in American and Black Atlantic Literatures

Professor Preti Taneja

Professor of World Literature and Creative Writing

Dr Rory Turnbull

Lecturer in Phonetics and Phonology

Dr William van der Wurff

Senior Lecturer in Linguistics

Emeritus Professor Diana Whaley

Emeritus Professor / Professor Emeritus of Early Medieval Studies

Dr Emma Whipday


Professor Anne Whitehead

Prof of Modern and Contemporary Lit

Dr Margaret Wilkinson

Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing

Dr Rebecca Woods

Senior Lecturer: Language and Cognition

Emeritus Professor Terry Wright

Emeritus Professor

Professor Jo Robinson

Head of School

Dr Farah Nazir

Lecturer in Linguistics

Dr Tamar Lindesay

Visiting Lecturer

Dr Chloe Ashbridge

Lecturer in Modern & Contemporary Literature

Professor Michelle Sheehan

Professor of Linguistics

Dr Christy Ducker

Royal Literary Fund Fellow

Dr Malica Willie

Emeritus Professor Sean O'Brien

Professor of Creative Writing

Professor Alex Pheby

Head of Creative Writing

Dr Barbara Gribling

Visiting Researcher

Dr Vean Al-Saka

Associate Lecturer 21/22

Dr Niamh Kelly

Lecturer in Phonetics and Phonology

Dr Gabriel Martinez Vera

Lecturer in Pragmatics

Dr James Corbet

Lecturer in Second Language Acquisition

Harry Man

Royal Literary Fund Fellow

Dr Emma Nguyen

Lecturer in Child Language Aquisition

Meg Holtom

Learning and Teaching Administrator

Dr Chiara Pellegrini

Associate Lecturer 22/23

Meg Holtom

Learning and Teaching Administrator

Meg Holtom

Learning and Teaching Administrator

Rowan Foy

Learning and Teaching Assistant, Operations Assistant

Professor Maggie Tallerman

Professor of Linguistics

Mary Robinson

Research Associate Language Variation

Dr Olivia Smith

Research Associate (Bee-ing Human)

Dr Marco Medugno

Associate Lecturer 2022/23

Andrew Thompson

Lecturer in Creative Writing