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Dr Emily Murphy

Lecturer in Children's Literature



I work in the fields of children’s literature and American studies, with a special interest in the way childhood shapes constructions of national and global identity.


I completed my BA, MA, and PhD at the University of Florida. Following the completion of my PhD in 2014, I worked at New York University Shanghai for two years (2015-2017) before beginning my current post at Newcastle University.            

Previous Positions

Writing Lecturer, New York University Shanghai (2015-2017)



My research interests include post-1945 American literature (both for children and adults) and childhood studies. I am interested in the intersections between constructions of national identity and childhood, including new forms of identity in a “global” or “post-national” world. My work is also informed by the scholarship in American studies, especially the topics of U.S. imperialism and globalization, and I have also extended my research outside of the American context to include Chinese and Taiwanese children’s and YA literature.

Current Work

I am currently finishing my book manuscript, Growing Up with America: Youth, Myth, and National Identity from Postwar to Present (University of Georgia Press), which is about the significance of adolescence in the reconstruction of U.S. national myths during the Cold War era. In addition, I am working on new research on how travel shapes national identity, with a special focus on Chinese children’s writers and educational reformers who studied in the United States.

Research supervision

 I am currently co-supervising an MLitt project on dystopian children’s fiction and authoritarian regimes in the Cold War era.

 I welcome applications from prospective postgraduate students on my research areas.


Undergraduate teaching

Close Reading (Stage 1 module)

Fictions of Migration (Stage 2 module)