School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics

Staff Profile

Dr Heike Pichler

Senior Lecturer in Variationist Sociolinguistics


I am a variationist linguist specialising in discourse-pragmatic and morpho-syntactic variation and change.


Internal roles

Head of English Language and Linguistics. 

Previous internal roles: PG Director, taught programmes (SELLL) (2016-19); Chair of the PGT Board of Examiners (2016-19); Chair of the PG Board of Studies & PG Committee (2016-19); PGR Director (linguistics) (2013-15); Degree Programme Director IPhD in linguistics/English language (2013-15); Ethics convenor (SELLL) (2013-16); Visiting speaker co-ordinator (linguistics) (2013-14); CRiLLS executive member (2012-15); Schools liaison officer (2012-13).


External roles

editorial board member of Ampersand (2017-)

editorial board member Te Reo (2018-)

Previous external roles: member of the ESRC Peer Review College (2015-19); member of the Northern Bridge studentship committee (2018); founding Chair of the Discourse-Pragmatic Variation & Change steering committee (2012-2018); Committee member Linguistics Association of Great Britain (membership secretary) (2010-2015); External PhD thesis examiner (UCD, Ireland) (2016); member of the ESRC Doctoral Training Partnerships Peer Review College (2016); Editor of Ampersand (sociolinguistics & pragmatics) (2014-16)


Recent leadership training

2014-15: Faculty Futures (Newcastle University)

2012-13: Principal Investigator (Newcastle University)


My research interests include:

- language variation & change (specifically discourse-pragmatic & morpho-syntactic variation & change)

- language contact

language variation and mental health

- old-age language variation and change

- comparative sociolinguistics

- narrative analysis 

See further: 


SEL3413: Language and ageing