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Dr Rebecca Woods

Lecturer in Language and Cognition


I joined SELLL in September 2019 as a Lecturer in Language and Cognition. I work within mainstream generative linguistics and I am interested in the interfaces between different language modules: how does syntax interface with semantics and pragmatics? How does a child's innate language endowment interact with her input and with other cognitive processes? How does acquiring and using multiple languages differ from monolingual acquisition and language use?

Prior to joining SELLL, I was Senior Lecturer in Language Acquisition at the University of Huddersfield (2015-2019). I joined Huddersfield from the University of York, where I completed my MA in Psycholinguistics (2012) and PhD in Linguistics (2016). I gained my BA in French and Linguistics from the University of Sheffield (2010).

**I will be on parental leave from January-November 2021**


I am primarily interested in questions, both main and embedded, and their syntax, semantics and acquisition.

I also work on clausal embedding, particularly embedded Verb Second and discourse particles, and on codeswitching in multilingual communities.

Past projects have included bilingual first language acquisition, dative constructions, clitic doubling, sentential adverbs and possessives.

Please note that I do not work on language education (e.g. second language learning, children's literacy etc.) so if you are interested in pursuing further study in an area of language education, please contact other colleagues in the first instance.


Since 2019:

Semester 1
SEL1008 Nature of Language

Semester 2
SEL1028 Introduction to the Structure of Language II: Meaning strand
SEL2230/8683 Multilingualism