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Dr Rebecca Woods

Lecturer in Language and Cognition


I joined SELLL in September 2019 as a Lecturer in Language and Cognition. I work within mainstream generative linguistics and I am interested in the interfaces between different language modules: how does syntax interface with semantics and pragmatics? How does a child's innate language endowment interact with her input and with other cognitive processes? How does acquiring and using multiple languages differ from monolingual acquisition and language use?

Prior to joining SELLL, I was Senior Lecturer in Language Acquisition at the University of Huddersfield. I joined Huddersfield from the University of York, where I completed my MA in Psycholinguistics (2012) and PhD in Linguistics (2016). I gained my BA in French and Linguistics from the University of Sheffield (2010).

*~* Office hours Semester 1 2019/20 *~*

Wednesday 2-3
Friday 10-12 noon


I am primarily interested in questions, both main and embedded, and their syntax, semantics and acquisition.

I also work on clausal embedding, particularly embedded Verb Second and discourse particles.

Past projects have included bilingual first language acquisition, dative constructions, clitic doubling, sentential adverbs and possessives.