School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics

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Dr Tom Harrison

Teaching Assistant


My PhD focused on the influence of Greek and Roman texts on the comedies of Ben Jonson. My research concentrates on early modern and Classical theatre, but I am also interested in medieval literature, the Victorian novel, and modern British theatre. Further details about my research can be found on my Academia profile.

As well as teaching in SELLL, I work Tuesday-Thursday as a Student Recruitment Co-ordinator (based in King's Gate). Do feel free to contact me on these days, but please be aware that I may be a little slower in responding.


- SEL1003: Introduction to Literary Studies 1 (year one)

- SEL1004: Introduction to Literary Studies 2 (year one)

- SEL1031: Drama, Theatre and Performance (year one)

- SEL2201: Writing the Renaissance (year two)