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Researching the impacts of fracking

Researching the impacts of fracking

ReFINE is the leading international research consortium on fracking. It is based in the UK and led jointly by Newcastle and Durham Universities.

Project leader

Prof Richard Davies



Project staff

Rachel Brown, Newcastle University

Liz Kirkup, Newcastle University

Prof Fred Worrall, Durham University

Prof Peter Styles, Keele University

Prof Zoe Shipton, University of Strthclyde

Prof Gillian Foulger, Durham University

Dr Neil Thorpe, Newcastle University

Dr David Reiner, University of Cambridge

Dr Will Coombs, Durham University

Prof Anthony Zito, Newcastle University

Prof Robert Jackson, Standford University

Prof Steven Rushton, Newcastle University


ReFINE works closely with a global network of leading scientists and institutions interested in fracking. It conducts independent research on the potential environmental and social impacts of shale gas exploitation.

ReFINE's investigations into the impacts of fracking cover six broad areas of research:

  • well integrity and pollution
  • seismicity
  • social impacts
  • fractures and subsidence
  • health impacts
  • traffic and infrastructure