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Civil Engineering Undergraduate Degrees

Engineer a more sustainable future by designing and developing solutions to protect the world we live in.

What is Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineering is everything that we've built around us; from roads and railways, to schools, offices, hospitals, water and power supplies, and much more.

Civil engineers design, create and connect the world around us, by making villages, towns and cities work for the people that live there.

Civil Engineering at Newcastle

At Newcastle, you'll study a design-intensive course, where you will have a wide range of opportunities to build great foundations for your career. We'll equip you to tackle major sustainability challenges facing society and you will contribute to solving problems such as population growth and climate change.

We’re one of the few universities in the UK to offer a broad multidisciplinary civil engineering education, offering the opportunity to develop specialist knowledge in civil engineering fields, including: Environmental; Geology/Geotechnical; Structural; Transport; and Water.

Our Civil Engineering degrees are professionally accredited since we have developed them through our close links with industry. You will have the opportunity to engage with industry at our student employability event 'ACCESS', opening up a world of opportunities From day one, you’re on the path to becoming a professional engineer developing the technical skills needed for tomorrow’s world.

Flexible First Year

Students benefit from a flexible first year as our Civil Engineering degrees allow you to explore several engineering disciplines in year one. This flexible route is taught across Civil, Electrical & Electronic and Mechanical Engineering.

Choose your course

Get a broad-ranging knowledge of Civil Engineering and gain in-depth expertise in one of our specialist areas whilst developing the skills to collaborate with engineers from other disciplines.