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Simon Edwards

Senior Researcher in Inclusive Mobility



I am a Senior Researcher in Inclusive Mobility with extensive experience in all aspects of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). In recent years I have been involved in much of our Europe-facing research, and have participated in many successful applications for European research funding whilst developing network of research contacts across the continent, and an excellent working relationship with our key ITS collaborators. I am experienced and knowledgeable in many different areas of ITS, including currently cooperative ITS, urban mobility and electro-mobility. My specialist field is Inclusive Mobility, in particular accessibility for disabled and older people, an area in which we have international recognition. I am also very experienced in user evaluation processes and assessment of the practical application and acceptance of ITS.

Roles and Responsibilities

My current roles and responsibilities are:

  • Senior Research Associate in ITS
  • Project Management of European- and UKRC-funded contracted research projects
  • Management of researchers and other consortium members towards delivery of contracted research including deliverables, reports, brochures and data analysis/ evaluation
  • Management of pilot and demonstration activities, including building local consortia with transport operators, local authorities, industry, and end users
  • Evaluation activities, in particular subjective data collection and analysis with end users
  • Leading TORG's involvement in EC funding applications
  • Co-ordinating TORG's participation in a variety of EC, funding council and 3rd Strand projects
  • Supervision of PhD and MSc dissertations
  • Reviewer of international journal papers

Projects include:  

C-MOBILE (EC, 2017-20) CAPITAL (EC, 2017-20) ITS Observatory (EC, 2015-2017) C-ITS Smart Corridor Newcastle (DfT, NCC, 2015-2017) COMPASS4D (EC, 2013-2016) SmartCEM (EC, 2012-2015) SiDE (UKRC, 2009-2014) SAVE ME (EC, 2009-2012) Veritas (EC, 2009-2013) NICHES (EC, 2008-2011) (Principal Investigator) AALIANCE (EC, 2008-2010) (Principal Investigator) OASIS (EC, 2008-2011) YorCard (Industry, 2007-2009) MESSAGE (EPSRC, 2006-2009) EMMA (EC, 2006-2008) TRACKSS (EC, 2006-2008)  ASK-IT (EC, 2004-2009)

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Summary of Core Research Interests

  • Inclusive Mobility, in particular ITS applications for disabled and older people
  • Intelligent Transport Systems and their practical application and acceptance
  • Cooperative systems and moves towards autonomous vehicles
  • Urban mobility
  • Transport, land use, environment and sustainability

Other Expertise

  • Founder and ex-Chair of ITS(UK)'s Inclusive Mobility Interest Group from 2008-2016
  • Module Leader of CEG8415 Intelligent Mobility Systems and Services (2012-14)
  • Author of TORG Research Strategy 2010-2015

Current Work

ITS Observatory (EU; 2015-2017) - I manage two work packages (user requirements and evaluation) on this project. The Observatory will be an intelligent tool to provide accessible and comprehensive information on ITS deployments and initiatives across Europe. Its development and launch will bridge knowledge fragmentation across Europe by creating a common EU-wide database for ITS and will support ITS deployment by creating an intelligent software platform with results and 'success stories' from deployments, research and pilot schemes. Benefits and impacts, information on standardisation and policy guidelines, as well as interactive functionality (peer to peer brokerage, user forum, Q&A, etc.) will enhance usability of the platform.

C-ITS Smart Corridor Newcastle (DfT/NCC; 2016-18) - I manage the evaluation work on this project, focusing in particular on vulnerable road users (VRU). Building on the success of Compass4D, which demonstrated that co-operative ITS (C-ITS) technology can be used to provide safety, fuel efficiency and air quality benefits, TORG is working with Newcastle City Council, the DfT, Arriva and Siemens UK to equip over 30 express buses and 18 intersections on a key arterial route ('Gosforth Corridor') in Newcastle. Data analysis and evaluation will take place to measure the safety and environmental impacts of the technology, with additional use cases examining how C-ITS can benefit other road users including VRUs,(specifically cyclists), and lead to improvements in not only bus operations but also freight and taxi operations. the impact on driver and passenger experiences will also be evaluated.

This section lists successful funding bids with which I have been involved (value to TORG in parentheses): 

  • C-MOBILE (EU; 340,000 euros; 2017-20) - cooperative systems
  • C-ITS Smart Corridor (DfT/ Newcastle City Council; £200,000; 2016-18) - cooperative systems
  • CAPITAL (EU; 2017-20) - cooperative systems and ITS training
  • VIAJEO (EU; 2013-2016) - urban mobility
  • COMPASS4D (EC; 2013-2016) - cooperative systems
  • SmartCEM (EC; 160,000 euros; 2012-2015) - electric vehicles
  • SiDE (UK Funding Councils; £3 million; 2009-2014) - digital inclusion for young, old and disabled people
  • SAVE ME (EC; 500,000 euros; 2009-2012) - safety of transport infrastructure
  • Veritas (EC; 268,000 euros; 2009-2013) - accessibility for older  people
  • NICHES (EC, 2008-2011) (Principal Investigator) - mainstreaming niche urban transport applications
  • AALIANCE projects (EC; 44,000 euros; 2008-2010) (Principal Investigator) - ICTs for older people
  • OASIS (EC; 460,000 euros; 2008-2011) - multi-sector applications available on a single platform for older people
  • YorCard (Industry; £257,000; 2007-2009) - smartcard-based ticketing roll out in West Yorkshire
  • MESSAGE (EPSRC; £860,000; 2006-2009) - environmental pollution monitoring, data analysis and policy implications
  • EMMA (EC; 158,000 euros; 2006-2008) - sensor systems for V2V, V2I and I2V
  • TRACKSS (EC; 172,000 euros; 2006-2008) - sensor systems for V2V, V2I and I2V
  • ASK-IT (EC; 225,000 euros; 2004-2009) - multi-sector applications available on a single platform for disabled people
  • TRANEE (EC; 41,000 euros; 2004-2006) - ICT for freight SMEs
  • Soft Benefits of Smart Cards (UK government NSCP; 2003-2004) - non monetary benefits of smart cards
  • ASTRA (DfT; £53,000; 2004-2005) - Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) and vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communications
  • Transport Direct (DfT; £8,000; 2003-2005) - real time travel information
  • IMAGE (EC; 127,000 euros; 2001-2003) - delivery of travel, wayfinding and point of interest information to mobile devices
  • I-AIM (EPSRC; £135,000; 1999-2001) - navigation system for wheelchair users

Postgraduate Supervision

Supervision of MSc and PhD students.

Esteem Indicators

  • Invited panellist at IMechE Global Engineering Debate, Westminster (April 2017)
  • Rapporteur at ITS European Congress (Strasbourg, June 2017) (forthcoming)
  • Rapporteur at ITS European Congress (Glasgow, June 2016)
  • Organiser of special interest session (SIS) "Barrier-Free Transport" at ITS European Congress (Dublin, June 2013)
  • Invited speaker at 2011 National Local Government Transport Planning Conference: Regeneration, Congestion, Sustainability and Behaviour Change (speaker, live on Policy Review TV) (London, October 2011)
  • Speaker, chair and co-organiser of Open Access? Accessible Technologies – Travel for All (Manchester, July 2011)
  • Expert speaker at Transport Design and the User Experience conference (Coventry University, March 2011) 
  • Invited speaker at launch of ITS Ireland (Cork, September 2010)
  • Chair of ITS(UK) Inclusive Mobility Interest Group (IMIG) (2008-2016)
  • Invited expert speaker at POLIS Summer University (Clermont-Ferrand, September 2004 and September 2010)
  • Speaker, chair and co-organiser of a working group meeting held in Cork (Dec 2009) attended by over 70 experts, end users, and local authority representatives from around Europe, including facilitating individual breakout sessions
  • Organiser of special interest session (SIS) "ITS to Enable Healthy Ageing" at ITS World Congress (Stockholm, 2009)
  • Invited speaker at DPTAC Olympic Advisory Committee/DfT workshop on intelligent technologies (London, July 2008)
  • Invited speaker at US/European workshop on accessibility (Amsterdam, July 2008)
  • Expert speaker at CSAU seminar (DfT) on Transport for the Mobility Impaired (May 2007) - a special seminar for technical experts and policy makers at the Department for Transport
  • Team leader and invited lecturer at Star City Conference on Transport (Estoril, Portugal, June 2006)
  • Invited speaker at HESCA Conference (smart cards in higher education) (London, May 2005)
  • Invited speaker at RNIB e-Accessibility Seminar (London April 2004)