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Mechanical Engineering Facilities

The School of Engineering is in the Stephenson Building, close to all of the university's world-class facilities. It has both general and specialist laboratories, as well as CNC workshop facilities.

The Stephenson Building houses one of the largest networked computer clusters on campus (120+ PCs). This network supports all the specialist software introduced and used within the course (e.g CAD, stress analysis, fluid dynamics, signal processing packages). We also have our own School cluster (60+ PCs), which work with instrumentation and data acquisition laboratories.

Taught course facilities

We have a wide range of specialist mechanical engineering facilities which include:

  • 3D motion capture
  • x-ray diffraction
  • robotics
  • micro-electromechanical systems
  • dedicated biomaterial and biotribology labs
  • railway systems

We also have facilities for:

  • composite materials fire testing
  • gear manufacture and testing
  • nanomeasurement
  • engine testing
  • artificial joint testing

Research programme facilities

Depending on your research area you will have access to the following world-class facilities.