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Professor Tracy Scurry

Professor of Work and Employment


Dr Tracy Scurry is a Professor of Work and Employment, in the Leadership, Work and Organisation Subject Group. She is an Academic Fellow of the CIPD (AFCIPD).

Current Roles and Responsibilities


  • Leadership, Work and Organisation Subject Leadership Team - Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Lead (2022 - ) 
  • HaSS Faculty Representative on UNSDGs subcommittee of Executive Board - Co-lead for Education Strand (2019 -)
  • Academic representative University Reward Forum (2019 -)
  • ONEPlanet Research Fund Reviewer (2019 -)


Previous Roles and Responsibilities

  • Associate Dean Learning and Teaching Humanities and Social Sciences (HaSS) Faculty (2017 - 2021)
  • Deputy Chair HaSS Faculty Education Committee (2017-2021)
  • Chair of INTO Newcastle University Academic Board of Studies (2017 - 2021)
  • Chair of the Regulations Working Group for Taught Programmes Sub- Committee (2020 -2021)
  • Deputy Chair of and HaSS Faculty Representative on the University Taught Programme Sub-Committee of UEC (2018 -2021)
  • HaSS Faculty Representative on the University Technology Enhanced Subcommittee of UEC (2018-2021)
  • Invited member of the following University Education Committee Task and Finish groups: Review of the Academic Year; Online Student Induction; Personal Extenuating Circumstances Regulations Review (2018 -2020)
  • University Real Living Wage Task and Finish Group (2018 -2021)
  • Deputy Subject Group Head, (Leadership, Work and Organisation) 2013 -2016
  • Chair of the Board of Studies (Leadership, Work and Organisation) 2013- 2016
  • HASS Faculty representative for the University Standing Committee on Collaborative Provision 


External Roles


2022 - ongoing    Network Convenor for the Society for Research in Higher Education Employability, Enterprise and Workbased Learning Network

2022 - ongoing       Member of the QAA Advisory group for the 2022 review of the Business and Management Subject Benchmark Statement 

2020 - ongoing       AGCAS Research and Knowledge Committee Member

2019 - ongoing        Chartered Association of Business Schools CMBE Professional Standards Board Member

2019 - ongoing       QAA Institutional and Subject specialist reviewer (Business Management) 

2012 - 2013            Advisory group member for BIS funded Graduate Success Project AGCAS/AGR  

2011 - 2012            Panel member for the OUVS Revalidation of MA Management with Pathways at Regent's  College


Research Esteem Indicators


Emerald Literati Award 2022 – Outstanding Reviewer for Career Development International.

Editorial responsibilities


2020 - 2021            Special Issue Co-Editor with Dr Sue Kirk (Newcastle) and Dr Liza Howe-Walsh (Portsmouth), Journal of Organisational Effectiveness, People and Performance, ‘Reimagining

Global Talent Management? Considering the implications of context for research and practice’. Special issue available here:


2013 - ongoing       Editorial Advisory Board Member, Personnel Review

2008 - 2013           Book Reviews Editor, Personnel Review


Invited keynote presentations and seminars

2022             February - Invited research seminar at Pearson University London 

2019                   July – Invited Keynote at the AGCAS Research Conference

2014                    Invited research seminar at Centre for Lifelong Learning, Warwick University, 21 May 2014

2014                    Invited research seminar at Grenoble University, April 2014


Reviewing roles


2020                    Invited reviewer for the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO) of the Dutch Research Council (NOW) the

Comenius Leadership Programme.

2020                    Invited reviewer British Academy Youth Futures Programme

2019                     Invited reviewer Society for Research in Higher Education Research Awards Funding Panel member

2007 – ongoing    Ad hoc reviewer for Human Relations; Work, Employment and Society; British Journal of Management; International Journal of Human Resource Management; Studies in Higher

Education; International Journal of Management Reviews; Ephemera; Career Development International; Personnel Review; Sociological Forum and British Educational Research




External Examiner appointments

2014 - 2018 Centre for Lifelong Learning, Warwick University, UK:

MA/PGD/PGC/PGA Career Education Information and Guidance in

Higher Education MA/PGD/PGC/PGA Career Development and

Coaching Studies

2014 - 2018 Warwick Business School, Warwick University, UK: Postgraduate

Award in Career Development


International Doctoral Examinations

2014 - External examiner DBA: Grenoble Ecole de Management, France

2012 - External examiner PhD: Auckland University, New Zealand


UK Doctoral Examinations

2010 - External examiner DBA: Teesside University, UK

2019 - External examiner PhD: Northumbria University

2019 - External examiner PhD: Teesside University

2022 - Internal examiner PhD: Newcastle University


Bibliographic links


Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.co.uk/citations?user=WFU-IVIAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=sra

ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Tracy_Scurry

ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1055-7702

Scopus Author ID: 16417822100



I have made significant, senior level contributions to management and leadership, most notably as Associate Dean Learning and Teaching for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences where I was responsible for leading on several strategic priorities including student partnership working, students as researchers, technology enhanced learning (TEL), virtual mobility and supporting graduate outcomes.

My most significant recent contributions in teaching and scholarship are in the strategic leadership of academic practice and development. As Associate Dean I worked with students and colleagues across the institution to enhance student experience and have championed an integrated approach to academic practice. I provided leadership and support across the HaSS Faculty for substantial curriculum review, new interdisciplinary provision and degree level apprenticeships.

I made significant contributions to faculty and institutional strategies for supporting and promoting colleagues in delivering high quality teaching (HaSS Education Community Room, HE Leadership Development Network).

I have an outstanding record of commitment to and achievement in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, supervision and the wider student experience at Newcastle University. I have taught and assessed on 13 modules across UG, PGT and Executive MBA programmes in NUBS and supervised UG and PGT dissertations.

I receive consistently excellent evaluation scores and excellent feedback from students, observers and external examiners. I received 6 nominations for NUSU Teaching Excellence Awards between 2013 - 2015 (Research Supervisor of the Year (x2), Innovative Teaching Methods (x2), Contribution to Outstanding Feedback and Contribution to Pastoral Support). 

I actively draw on my research and practice networks to engage students with first hand insights from different stakeholders to develop their own careers and future practice. 

My leadership and expertise in curriculum design and enhancing student experiences is nationally recognised by my appointment as an Institutional and Subject Specialist Reviewer (Business and Management) for the Quality Assurance Agency. I have recently been appointed to the QAA Advisory Panel for the review of the Subject Benchmark Statements for Business and Management. 

I have a sustained commitment to CPD as a means to advance the quality of higher education. As a member of the Chartered Association of Business Schools Professional Standards Board, I am responsible for developing the criteria for recognition, ongoing review and evaluation of their Certified Business and Management Educator scheme. 

Management and Leadership Roles in Learning and Teaching

2022 -                      Learning, teaching and student expereince lead for LWO 

2019 - 2021             Associate Dean Learning and Teaching (Undergraduate) (HaSS


2017 - 2019             Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching (HaSS Faculty)

2017 - 2021             Deputy Chair HaSS Faculty Education Committee

2017 - 2021             Chair of INTO Newcastle University Academic Board of Studies

2020 - 2021             Chair of the Regulations Working Group for Taught Programmes

Sub- Committee

2018 - 2021             Deputy Chair of and HaSS Faculty Representative on the

University Taught Programme Sub-Committee of UEC

2018 - 2021             HaSS Faculty Representative on the University Technology

Enhanced Subcommittee of UEC

2018 - 2021             Invited member of the following University Education Committee Task and Finish groups: Review of the Academic Year; Online Student Induction; Personal Extenuating Circumstances Regulations Review

2013 - 2016             Deputy Subject Group Head for Leadership, Work and Organisation (LWO)

2013 - 2016             Chair of the Board of Studies for Leadership, Work and Organisation (LWO) 

2011 - 2014             Degree Programme Director for Dual Masters AIBM/AIBMM with University of Groningen

2012 -2014              Chair of the Board of Examiners Dual Masters AIBM/AIBMM/OPS with University of Groningen

2009 - 2011             Dual Masters Programme development and approval

2008 - 2011             Degree Programme Director for the MA IBM

Current Teaching


BUS1016 Academic and Professional Skill Development

BUS2040 HRM and the Future of Work

BUS3006 Managing Diversity

BUS3003 Advanced Business Practice


NBS8383 Diversity in a Global Context




Research Interests

Current research embraces: graduate careers (notably graduates in ‘non-traditional’ graduate employment), identity narratives of global workers and career development programmes. Her work seeks to reframe understandings about graduate careers by demonstrating their multi-level and relational nature. She is interested in exploring how individual and societal factors interplay to influence outcomes, current research examines how imbalances and inequalities frame career experiences. She has an established track record of attracting research funding (British Academy, Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) and N8) and engaging with non-academic stakeholders in a variety of forms (KTP and ESRC Seminar Series). She has conducted research for policy makers (BIS and the North East Local Economic Partnership), acted as an expert for professional bodies (e.g. Association for Careers and Guidance Services) and has worked with regional branches of the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development (CIPD) and the North East Chambers of Commerce (NECC) to engage members with research and organise events.  

She has also worked with a number of public sector organisations evaluating the processes and impact of organisational change related to the implementation of flexible working practices and work life balance initiatives.  Work to date has adopted a multi-stakeholder perspective, examining both the organisational and individual implications of the practices for all those involved.

Keywords: careers, subjective careers, career success, graduate careers, career management, global careers, resilience, dual careers

External Research Funding

2018 -2019 Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) Scoping Award: Graduate Resilience: A review of the literature and future research agenda. With C. Burke (University of Derby) University).https://www.srhe.ac.uk/research/srhe_funded_projects.asp  

2017 -2018  Higher Education Careers Services Unit (HECSU): Developing Graduates' Career Resilience. With PI Ann Smart (Northumbria University Careers Service) Prof. J Blenkinsopp (Newcastle Business School) and Dr. C. Burke (Derby)

2014 – 2016 ESRC Knowledge Transfer Partnership Funding: Transformational Change at Benfield Motor Group  – PI: Chris Hicks. CIs: T Scurry and T McGovern. Received outstanding rating and featured as an ESRC Impact Case Study: https://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ukgwa/20210901102040/https://esrc.ukri.org/news-events-and-publications/impact-case-studies/lean-car-service-boosts-profits/ 

2013-2015 ESRC Seminar Series: 'Regulation of Work and Employment: Towards a multidisciplinary, multilevel framework' - PI: J Rodriguez, CIs: T. Scurry, S. Johnstone and S. Hughes (Newcastle), G. Bamber (Monash) and P. Stewart (Strathclyde)  (Grant Ref: ES/L000660/1).

2012 -2013 Institute for Local Governance and Gateshead Council:  Accelerating Implementation of Apprenticeship Priotities for Gateshead (With Dr John Blenkinsopp, Dr Ruth Helyer, Dr Paul Smith, Steven Pattinson).

2012 -2012    Department for Business Innovation and Skills :Graduate Recruitment to SMEs.(NUBS Principal Investigator) with Leigh Sear SFEDI , Dr Janine Swail NUBS, Professor Simon Down Anglia Ruskin and Stu Anderson NUBS. Report available here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/graduate-recruitment-to-small-and-medium-sized-enterprises-smes 

2010 - 2012   British Academy Small Research Grant : What is a graduate job? Insights from undergraduate students of expected graduate employment outcomes (Principal Investigator. With Dr John Blenkinsopp)

2010 – 2010  Institute for Local Governance CA100: Securing the region’s future workforce requirements The Process of Recruiting, Training & Deploying Apprentices (With Dr John Blenkinsopp, Dr Jon Scott and Dr Roberts)

Internal Research Funding

2014 -2015 KITE Internship for NELEP Regional Skills Survey. 

2012 - 2013   NUBS Engaged Research Funding: Graduate development programmes in the public sector – changing notions of career success? (Principal Investigator)

2007 – 2008  Faculty Research Grant : 'An exploration of the influence of social class on career expectations and aspirations' (with Dr Yvette Taylor - GPS)

2006 – 2007  HASS Faculty Futures Programme Grant: 'Intersections, divisions and distinctions: an exploration of students’ experiences within Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS), Newcastle University' (with Dr. Bernadette Buckley and Dr. Yvette Taylor)

Activities, events and wider engagement since 2015


2021                       June – Practitioner workshop at AGCAS with Gayle Leach (Newcastle University  Careers Service).

2021                       June - Invited to act as a judge for the Target Connect National Graduate Recruitment Awards - Employer Social Mobility Award

2021                       Invited to deliver a seminar at the Career Development Institute Practitioner Research Conference.

2020                       Member of AGCAS Alternative Conference Committee

2020                       January - Invited to act as a judge for the annual AGCAS Excellence Awards

2019                       July - Invited keynote presentation at the AGCAS Research Conference for Careers and Employability Professionals

2019                       June - Co-delivered workshop on Low Carbon Careers with Virgin Money and Professor John Blenkinsopp at the People Power event Northumbria University      

2019                       June - Delivered workshop for North East careers and employability professionals at Northumbria University based on joint HECSU funded career resilience research project         

2018                       September - Delivered practitioner workshop at AGCAS Conference with A. Smart (Northumbria)

2017                       April - Invited presentation on Graduate Retention and Attraction in the North East at the CIPD North East Regional Conference.

2016                       Development of CIPD Regional Skills Panel event 23rd February 2016 with Sarah Carnegie and NELEP.

2015                       Designed and implemented a Regional Skills Survey with the NELEP, NECC and FSB.