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Pharmacy Research Laboratory Facilities

The School incorporates dedicated research space for innovative research.

The School of Pharmacy within the King George VI building has modern and dedicated research laboratory space expanding the research capabilities of the Faculty and University in the following areas:



The School of Pharmacy houses a suite of pharmacy lab facilities directly associated with pharmaceutics, including:

  • formulation
  • manufacture
  • drug delivery

Analytical services

With a wide range of analytical equipment and software, we are fully capable of delivering research and development for:

  • academia
  • pharmaceutical and chemical industries
Analytical services

Material processing

Many of the instrumentation within the School are configured to isolate, refine, and process a diverse range of materials. In addition to the pharmaceutical sector, our facilities have also been used and applied to:

  • food sciences
  • nanotechnology
  • chemical engineering

More information about our laboratories, equipment, and research facilities can be found in our Equipment Brochure

Material processing