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Pharmacy Education Research

At Newcastle University, the development and enhancement of pharmacy education research is a key part of our research and teaching.

Academic staff are actively engaged in scholarly activity throughout their tenure.

This helps to ensure that research-led teaching is at the heart of student learning and development. We review programmes against:

  • professional standards
  • student feedback
  • external review
  • recent pedagogical research 

The Pharmacy Education Research Group (PERG) was established in September 2019. Our researchers represent a broad range of backgrounds and professional experiences. We have researchers from across fundamental sciences and the clinical setting.

The group is:

  • dedicated to focused and deliberate educational innovations and rigorous educational scholarship to inform student learning
  • aiming to identify and investigate key research questions in pharmacy education
  • developing cohesion in the area of pharmacy education to produce focused outcomes that lead to impact

There is a wide diversity of topics being researched amongst the group that fall within four broad themes:

  • preparedness for practice
  • engagement with and success within the profession
  • student learning
  • assessment and feedback

Principal investigator: Dr Hamde Nazar

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