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Research Environment

The School of Pharmacy research environment is founded upon many years of interdisciplinary and innovative research excellence.

Dynamic research community

We are a fulcrum of research activity in clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. We generate high quality and impactful research across the spectrum. Our research teams are multidisciplinary involving:

  • Undergraduates
  • Graduate researchers
  • Doctoral Students
  • Academics
  • Clinical & Research Pharmacists
  • Pharmaceutical Scientists
  • Professional support staff
Pharmacy research student

Our research is translational and interdisciplinary

We research and innovate across the pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences spectrum:

  • clinical pharmacy and medicine use
  • medicines development
  • medicines safety and patient-centred care
  • pharmaceutical public health
  • pharmacy education and professionalism
  • policy impact

Research driven teaching and education

Research within the School of Pharmacy goes hand-in-hand with education of future pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. Our research informs teaching in the following ways:

  • research-led teaching – Advances in the discipline are incorporated into the curriculum
  • research-based and orientated teaching – Research processes are inculcated into teaching
  • research staff are involved in delivery of teaching within the School

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