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Fast Fix: Diabetes

Fast Fix: reversing type 2 diabetes

Published on: 13 June 2018

Five patients embark on a very low calorie diet, developed at Newcastle University, in order to reverse their diabetes in a new ITV programme.

The programme called Fast Fix: Diabetes, is on ITV tonight at 9pm, and aims to find out whether five volunteers can turn the clock back on their Type 2 diabetes, potentially pointing the way to a solution to what has been described as Britain’s biggest health crisis.

Based on research by the Universities of Newcastle and Glasgow, whose most recent study, published in The Lancet, found almost half of the patients supported by their GPs on a weight loss programme were able to reverse their diabetes in a year.   

“I think what has really struck me about this work is the change it has made for patients themselves,” Professor Roy Taylor who has led the research says. “Many have told me how the low calorie diet is a revelation as they had been told type 2 diabetes was lifelong with an inevitable decline into more medication and further ill health.

“This transformation in the treatment of diabetes has been built on almost four decades of research of the underlying mechanisms of type 2 diabetes.”

“Type 2 diabetes is a national crisis”

This new ITV two-part factual entertainment series features people with Type 2 diabetes attempting to reverse their condition by living on a radical liquid diet, potentially saving their lives - and the NHS billions of pounds.

Presented by Anita Rani, the programme features five obese and overweight patients moving into our unique experimental diabetes reversal unit, the Fast Fix Clinic.

 “Type 2 diabetes is a national crisis and a massive challenge to the NHS. But this experiment proves that there is real hope of turning the clock back and reversing Type 2, using this revolutionary diet to stop this epidemic in its tracks, ” said presenter Anita Rani.

The five participants live on a diet of just 800 calories per day for four weeks in order to see if they can 'fast themselves better' as they attempt to shed more than two stones (15kg).

This diet has been developed by Professor Roy Taylor at Newcastle University who continues research in this field alongside colleagues at the University of Glasgow.

While all the participants have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, this diet isn’t suitable for everyone and requires medical supervision.

Also attempting to trim her own waistline is Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan, who undergoes a lifestyle transformation hoping to lose 5kg to minimise her risk of developing diabetes. Celebrity chef Rosemary Shrager and TV quiz boffin Paul Sinha undertake their own extreme fasting diets at home to avoid underlying health issues and the potential of diabetes.

Joining presenter Anita are GP and obesity expert and Newcastle University graduate Dr Zoe Williams and Professor Jason Gill, who is at the forefront of research into how diet and exercise can prevent diabetes.

At a time when there are concerns the NHS will struggle to cope with a future diabetes epidemic, Anita, Zoe and Jason aim to get to the bottom of the issue and offer hope to those affected and practical advice on what we can all do to help ourselves.

The Fast Fix: Diabetes - Episode 1: Weds 13th June, 9pm ITV

In the first episode, the five patients enter the clinic for the initial four weeks of their diet, facing a host of tough challenges on the way as their ultra low-calorie diet kicks in. There’s a surprise result for one patient that defies all expectations. Rosemary Shrager and Paul Sinha get some home truths about the damage being overweight is doing to their bodies, and Coleen Nolan finds out just how at risk she is of developing type 2 diabetes.

The Fast Fix: Diabetes - Episode 1: Weds 13th June, 9pm ITV

Episode 2: Thurs 14th June, 9pm ITV


Patients or GPs who would like more information about the diet that reverses Type 2 diabetes see the Newcastle University Magnetic Resonance Centre website.

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