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India scholarships 2019

Newcastle launches latest round of scholarships for Indian students

Published on: 30 October 2018

Newcastle University, UK, is offering scholarship support to exceptional students from India.

The scholarships offer for 2019/20 entry includes thirteen 50% tuition fee discounts and two full tuition fee discounts as well as automatic partial tuition fee scholarships with a value of £1,500 to £5,000. Scholarships are available to applicants applying to study at undergraduate and Master’s level for almost all subject areas.

Professor Richard Davies, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Engagement and Internationalisation, Newcastle University, UK, said: “We are privileged to continue welcoming the brightest and best students from India. They are incredibly important to Newcastle University in the way they enrich University life culturally and socially, and they make our campus a more vibrant place to be.  

“Our scholars are recognised for their academic excellence and for their potential to perform well in their studies. Receiving a scholarship is a huge honour, they’re a mark of the students’ achievements and I’m certain they will help greatly to further the students’ academic studies and future careers.”

Professor Richard Davies, PVC, Engagement and Internationalisation and Niveditha Sankar, a postgraduate Neuroscience student

Long-standing partnership with Indian institutions

Newcastle University scholarships have been offered in India for many years. This announcement builds on increased activity in a range of areas, including partnership with universities and institutions, such as IIT-Delhi and IIT-Mumbai, research collaboration, corporate engagement, and alumni relations.

The University launched the Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarships and the Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships for the first time in 2018/19 entry to encourage high-quality applicants from around the world, including India.

Indian students at Newcastle University perform well on its programmes and go on to great careers and personal achievements. Scholarship provision for India expanded for the 2018/2019 academic year on these bases.

Indian students at Newcastle University

In the 2018/19 academic year 115 Indian students received international scholarships.

One of these scholars is Niveditha Sankar, a postgraduate Neuroscience student, who received a 50% Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship.

She said: “The scholarship allowed me to make a quick decision without worrying too much about arrangement of alternative funds or delaying my career goal.

“I did my bachelors in biotechnology and my interest in neuroscience made me look into universities that appreciate people from different academic backgrounds. Newcastle University not only does this but also provides various scholarships to aspiring students.

“I am excited to begin this new chapter in my life that allows me to pursue my dream field. I am looking forward to engaging with research experts and motivated peers and work in labs that stimulate critical thinking.”

Undergraduate Manufacturing Engineering student, Rohan Pritish Chandratre, added: “I received Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship at Newcastle University for my first year. It was financially very reassuring. I have decided to utilise that money for my further studies and projects as projects also need financial support and sponsorship.

“The content in my course is very well thought and on point. I feel excited to learn every part of it as I find it very useful for my future. Also, all the lecturers make it a point to explain us the context of everything so that every student can connect with the course.

“The lab sessions are very involving and full of opportunities. As, we can make our custom designs and manufacture it for the given application. As an engineering student, capability to do something like that is everything.”

The scholarships announcement follows on from the latest International Student Barometer results, which shows 93% of respondents stating they were satisfied with the University overall. Satisfaction among Newcastle University’s international students is high across a number of categories, including expert lecturers (95%), learning support (94%) and quality lectures (90%). More than nine out of 10 international students (94%) were satisfied with the Careers Service.

In addition to the scholarships schemes the University participates in the Commonwealth and Chevening Scholarships schemes which are also available to Indian applicants.

Interested applicants are encouraged to check the application details and eligibility criteria through the below link:


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