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Landscape Quartet

Landscape Quartet is an AHRC-funded project in which an international team of four sound artists; Matthew SansomStefan ÖstersjöSabine Vogel and Bennett Hogg, have worked on an 18-month series of projects with two principal aims:

  • to investigate the creative possibilities afforded by working in direct dialogue with the natural environment;
  • to consider the philosophical implications arising from this, reflecting on these from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, including cognitive sciencephenomenologyenvironmental scienceaesthetics, and local history.

Practically, the project produces and documents site-specific performances, which in turn will create material for fixed-media audiovisual artworks for exhibition and concert performance. Throughout the project expert “respondents” – Peter Nelson, James Wyness, Sally Jane NormanKatharine NormanMax Eastley, and Dallas Simpson - have taken part in critical symposia, presenting their own work, and engaging in discussion with the members of the quartet. In addition to projects in the UK, Landscape Quartet projects have happened in and around Hanoi, Vietnam, and they have also received generous financial support from the Swedish contemporary music funding association RANK, in order to carry out three residencies and events in southern Sweden.