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Music and Machines

Music and Machines is a series of research events run by Bennett Hogg (ICMuS) and Sally Jane Norman (Sussex University, formerly director of Newcastle University Culture Lab). Since 2005, this project has focused on establishing dialogues between technologycreative practice, and cultural theory. As well as several one-day symposia with invited speakers, national and international artists-in-residence, and participants from across the Faculties both in Newcastle University and the other regional universities, Music and Machines has also included three national/international level conferences.

The project has demonstrated excellent support for research students and staff at Newcastle, fostered national and international networks and collaborations, has contributed significantly to engagement through presenting numerous public performance events, and reinforces Newcastle University’s commitment to interdisciplinary and innovative research in the arts and humanities. Among the project’s outputs is a special issue of the peer-reviewed journal Contemporary Music Review (2013) on the theme ‘Resistant Materials in Musical Creativity’. Hogg and Norman were co-editors of and contributors to this special issue, which also featured several other current or former members of ICMuS (Clarke, Ferguson, Vandermast-Bell, Williams).