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Professor Christopher Jones

Professor of Fine Art Practice



Christopher Jones works within, across and between painting, printmaking and collage. His studio practice reflects an interest in painting in the 'expanded field' : where the discipline-specific characteristics of painting are dissolved and combined with those more typical of sculptural, printmaking or installation practices. 

His recent practice has been concerned with establishing visual equivalents to the relationship between site, memory and the passing of time. His current work brings together investigation of site, assemblage construction and "unmonumental" form: work characterised  by small scale, rudimentary material and understatement.

Solo exhibitions of his work have been held in the UK, and in Australia, Germany, Japan, Korea, Norway and Slovakia. Group projects over the past twenty years have been developed within the context of a dialogue with an informal network of artists from across Europe and beyond who are interested in artist-led international exchange.


Chris studied at Newcastle University and Chelsea School of Art, London and was a Monbusho Scholar at Kyoto University from 1987-89.

Before joining Newcastle University he was Fine Art Fellow at Cheltenham School of Art, GlosCAT, resident artist at the School of Art in Hull and an associate visiting lecturer at Sunderland University. He has also taught as a visiting artist at Coventry University; Nottingham University;  Fachochschule, SchwäbischHall and the Kunstseminar, Metzingen, Germany; SangMyung University and Seoul National University, Korea; Trivandrum College of Art, Delhi College of Art and Madras College of Art, India. 

In addition to his responsibilities as a full-time member of studio staff in Fine Art Chris is currently external examiner for MA Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts. He has previously been the external examiner for MA Art & Design at Wolverhampton University and was the external academic member of the revalidation panel for the BA Fine Art programme at Chelsea College of Art in 2014 and the external academic advisor  for the review and revalidation of undergraduate Fine Art programmes at AUT, Auckland, New Zealand in 2011. 



Current & Recent Research Interests

Christopher Jones's current research practice centres on a number of inter-related interests: sites of change as a means to explore themes of erasure, trace and memory; and notions of the "unmonumental". Whilst the interest in change and its links to models of time and memory have been at the centre of his practice since the 1990's, his interest in the unmonumental is more recent. This has been explored most recently through intimately-scaled assemblages made in response to, and installed in, historically-charged architectural spaces. 

Research is realised through the development of an on-going body of artwork that also reflects an interest in working across a range of media and technical processes: painting, printmaking, photography, collage and small scale sculptural assemblage. 

A  series of artist's residencies since 2006 have focused on site and location as a vehicle to explore these interests: for example, the particular history and architectural remains of the 'gold rush' heritage site at Hill End, New South Wales, Australia,  resulted in a series of miniature "souvenir" paintings and photomontages. Site-specific installations for a 100-year-old traditional rice grain store in rural Kyushu, Japan and for an historic city-centre paper silo in Drammen, Norway, utilised a working method in which material found on site and photographs documenting the location were combined. 

Current work in progress considers the 'afterlife' of artworks; in particular the potential of site-dependant works to be re-animated or given new potential by re-siting, de and re-construction. 

Postgraduate Supervision

- Supervised Dr. Chun-Chao Chiu's practice-based Ph.D. research which considered the potential of eastern aesthetics to direct a contemporary installation practice.

- Supervised the initial stage of Dr. Maarten Vanvolsem's studio-based investigation of the potential of the still photograph to record time-span (completed at University of Leuven, Belgium).

- Co-supervised Matt Smith's exploration of the relationship between memory, repetition and forms of both video and still photography.

- Second supervisor of Jason Dee's practice-based research into presence and absence in celluloid cinema.

Currently principal supervisor of: painter James Quin's inquiry into visual echolalia and the potential of the use of repetition in the handmade image; Kate Stobbart's exploration of empathetic frameworks that link medical and fine art practices; Harriet Sutcliffe's practice-based response to the Basic Design course at Newcastle in the 1960's; Lucy Carolan's investigation of 'lostness' as a model to consider aspects of dementia, and Heather Ross's project which aims to generate new readings and experiences of Kurt Schwitter's Elterwater Merzbau as an expanded time-based work in the present.


2013    -  UnionScene, Drammen, Norway
            -  Studio Kura, Fukuoka, Japan
2011    -  Bundanon Trust, NSW, Australia
            -  Hill End, NSW, Australia
2007    -  SangMyung University, Korea 
2006    -  Kyoto Arts Centre, Japan
1994    -  Openshaw Printmaking Residency, Lowick House, Cumbria
1986/7 -  Artist-in-Residence, School of Fine Art, Hull
1983/4 -  Fine Art Fellow, School of Art, Glos CAT, Cheltenham


2011    -  Hill End Residency award (BRAG & Arts NSW)
2008    -  Daiwa Foundation Small Grant
2007    -  Northern Print Bursary
            -  Asem Duo Fellowship
2006    -  Arts & Humanities Research Council Award
            -  Arts Council England Grant for the Arts (Individual)
2004    -  Arts Council England Grant for the Arts (Individual)
1997    -  Rootstein Hopkins Foundation Award
1998    -  Northern Arts Award
1996    -  Northern Print Award
1995    -  British Council Visitorship
1994    -  Openshaw Printmaking Residency Award
1987-9 -  Monbusho Scholarship to Japan
1984    -  Boise Scholarship to Spain

Selected solo exhibitions                                      

2013    -  Unmonumental: For the Silo 2, Siloen, Union Scene, Drammen, Norway
            -  For the Silo, Studio Kura, Fukuoka, Japan
            -  Between the Hour & the Age, BRAG, Bathurst, & Jean Bellette Gallery, Hill End, Australia
2008    -  In-Between, Daiwa Foundation, London
2007    -  Erasure, Woosukhall Art gallery, Seoul National University, Korea
            -  Trace-Retrace 2, Northern Print, Newcastle upon Tyne 
2006    -  Residue, Art Space A1, Nagoya, Japan
            -  Trace-Retrace, Kyoto Arts Centre, Japan
2004    -  Postscript, Kunstverein Galerie Am Markt, SchwäbischHall, Germany
2000    -  Index, Galleria Z, Bratislava, Slovakia
1998    -  Spuren-Traces, Kunsthalle Servas, Rodalben, Germany
1995    -  Paintings & Collages, EPO Gallery, Munich
1994    -  Difficult Rhymes, Turnpike Gallery, Leigh
1992    -  The Small Hours, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne
            -  From A Foreign Window, Reg Vardy Arts Foundation, Sunderland
1990    -  Frozen by Distance, Lanchester Gallery, Coventry
1989    -  Tanaka Gallery, Osaka, Japan
            -  Tamura Gallery, Tokyo, Japan


Undergraduate Teaching

Teaches into all year stages of the B.A. Fine Art studio programme.

Postgraduate Teaching

Teaches into the Master of Fine Art programme.