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Staff Profile

Dr Fiona Anderson

Senior Lecturer in Art History

Marianne Archbold

Finance and Operations Administrator

Dr James Ash

Reader in Technology, Space and Society

Dr Paul Attinello

Senior Lecturer

Giles Bailey

Dr David Baines

Senior Lecturer

Dr David Bates


Esther Beadle


Phil Begg

Lecturer in Composition

Dr Adam Behr

Senior Lecturer in Contemporary and Popular Music

Dr Ian Biddle

Dean of Postgraduate Studies

Karl Birrane

MCH Technician

Rob Blazey

Music Technician

Dr Gonul Bozoglu

Lecturer in Museum, Gallery and Heritage Studies

Elizabeth Bradley

Clerical Assistant - Culture Lab

Neil Bromwich

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art

Beverly Brooks

School Manager

Irene Brown

Professor of Contemporary Art Practice

Burnie Burns

Casting and Studio Technician

Professor Andrew Burton

Professor of Fine Art

David Butler

Senior Lecturer Coordinator LifeWorkArt

Olivia Cameron

Performance Administrator

Professor Deborah Chambers

Professor of Media and Cultural Studies

Laura Chipchase Stewart

Professor David Clarke

Professor of Music

Professor Richard Clay

Head of School X

Dr Emma Coffield

Dr Alastair Cole

Senior Lecturer in Film Practice.

Henry Coombes

Lecturer in Fine Art

Katie Corps

Jo Coupe

Lecturer in Fine Art

Emeritus Professor Eric Cross

Emeritus Professor

Katie Cuddon

Reader in Fine Art

Dr Emma Cunliffe

Dr Bruce Davenport

Dr Lawrence Davies

Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship

Emeritus Professor Peter Davis

Emeritus Professor

James Davoll

Technical Manager

Professor Nanette De Jong

Prof of Socially Engaged Ethnomusicology

David De La Haye

Music Technician

Dr Phil Deans

Associate Lecturer

Dr Murray Dick

Senior Lecturer In Multimedia Journalism

Kerry Dodds

School Research Administrator

Dr Susannah Eckersley

Senior Lecturer

Dr William Edmondes

Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Performance

Dr Richard Elliott

Head of Music

Dr Clifton Evers

Senior Lecturer in Media & Cultural Studies

Chris Falzon

Dr Rebecca Farley

Research Associate

Professor Paul Fleet

Dean of Infrastructure for HaSS & Professor of Authentic Music Theory

Nick Fox

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, Deputy Head of Fine Art

Dr Areti Galani

Senior Lecturer in Digital Cultural Heritage

Professor Kirsten Gibson

Professor of Early Modern Music and Culture | Acting Associate Dean of Engagement and Place (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)

Nicola Gibson

School Learning and Teaching Officer

Carol Gladston

Learning and Teaching Coordinator

Professor Peter Golding

Visiting Professor

Richard Grayson

Research Fellow

Imogen Gunner

Lecturer in Folk and Traditional Music

Dr Joss Hands

Reader in Critical Theory

Sharon Harrison

Programme Secretary - Media, Culture, He

Dr Chris Haywood

Reader in Critical Masculinity Studies

Jennie Heckels

School Learning & Teaching Assistant

Michael Hedley

Dr Barbara Henderson

Degree Programme Director, MA Media and Journalism

Laurel Hetherington


Dr Sarah Hill

Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies

Dr Bennett Hogg

Senior Lecturer

Fred Hollingsworth

Technical Expert & Team Leader: Music

Professor Catrin Huber

Professor of Fine Art

Jane Hughes

Programme Secretary - Film & Media / Film Practices

Dr Geetha Jayaraman

Lecturer in Film Practice

Professor Christopher Jones

Professor of Fine Art Practice

Dr Edward Juler

Lecturer in Art History

Dr Darren Kelsey

Reader in Media and Collective Psychology

Bridget Kennedy

Lecturer in Fine Art

Dr Majid Khosravinik

Senior Lecturer in Digital Media & Discourse Studies

Judith King

Senior Research Associate

Jim Knight


Professor Uta Kogelsberger

Professor of Practice

Dr Gareth Longstaff

Deputy Head of Media, Culture, Heritage and Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies

Carol Lynn

Lecturer in Film Practice

Catriona Macdonald

Senior Lecturer

Dr Rob Mackay

Senior Lecturer in Composition

Rachel Maclean

Artist and NUAcT Research Fellow

Dr Katie Markham


Kath Martin

Music Performance Assistant

Professor Rhiannon Mason

Prof of Heritage & Cultural Studies

Eva Masterman

Norma Lipman Ceramic Fellow

Dr Aron Mazel

Associate Researcher (previous: Reader in Heritage Studies)

Dr Ian McDonald

Reader in Film Practice

Katy McDonald

Associate Dean Education, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Senior Lecturer in Journalism.

Callum McDonnell


Hannah McMahon


Dr Graeme Mearns

Lecturer, Media and Cultural Studies

Dr Gayle Meikle

Lecturer in Contemporary Art Curation

Paul Merrick

Teaching Assistant

Dr Christian Mieves

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art

Jane Millican

Lecturer in Fine Art

David Moir

Deputy School Manager

Dr Stephen Moonie

Lecturer in Art History

Rosie Morris

Teaching Fellow in Fine Art

Professor Andrew Newman

Prof of Cultural Gerontology

Dr Jane Nolan

Senior Lecturer in Music Enterprise

Dr Matthew Ord


Graham Parker

Receptionist/Clerical Officer

Dr Julia Partington


Dr Goffredo Plastino

Reader in Musicology

Professor Vee Pollock

Professor of Art and Place

Dr Mariam Rezaei

Lecturer in Music Technology and Composition

Matt Robinson

Technical Expertise & Team Leader: Film

Professor Karen Ross

Director of Research

Travis Roush

Media & Journalism Technician

Stephen Rowarth

Dr Nick Rush-Cooper

Lecturer in Digital Approaches to Media, Heritage and Cultural Studies and Degree Programme Director (P305 - Digital Cultures & Media)

Simon Rushton

Lecturer in Film Practice

Joseph Sallis

Woodwork Technician

Dr Joanne Sayner

Senior Lecturer in Cultural and Heritage Studies

Dr Tom Schofield

Senior Lecturer in Digital Cultures

John Scratcher

Erika Servin Gonzalez

Lecturer in Fine Art / Printmaking Technician

Dr Andrew Shail

Senior Lecturer in Film

Tim Shaw

Lecturer in Digital Media

Dr Raisa Sidenova

Lecturer in Film Theory

Dr Tina Sikka

Reader in Technoscience and Intersectional Justice

Ramona Slusarczyk

Lecturer in Corporate Communications

Chris Stokel-Walker


Professor Peter Stone OBE

UNESCO Chair in Cultural Property Protection and Peace

Yilis Suriel

Culture Lab Technician

Jade Sweeting

Fine Art Technician

Professor Richard Talbot

Director, Institute for Creative Arts Practice and Professor of Contemporary Drawing

Dr Christopher Tarrant

Senior Lecturer in Music Analysis

Kathryn Tickell

Tracey Tofield

Lecturer in Fine Art

Dr Bethany Usher

Lecturer in Multimedia Journalism

Nigel Villalard

Clerical Assistant

Professor Stephen Waddington

Visiting Professor of Practice

Dr Steve Walls

Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies

Jonathan Ward

Lecturer in Public Relations

Dr Michael Waugh

Lecturer in Media, Communication & Cultural Studies

Dr Harry Weeks

Lecturer in Art History

Professor Wolfgang Weileder

Prof of Contemporary Sculpture

Iain Wheeldon

Director of Postgraduate Taught

Professor Christopher Whitehead

Dean of Global - Humanities and Social Sciences; Professor of Museology

Professor Magnus Williamson

Professor of Early Music

Professor Jane Wilson

Professor of Fine Art

Professor Louise Wilson

Professor of Fine Art

Ian Wylie

Associate lecturer in Journalism

Dr Larry Zazzo

Senior Lecturer in Music

Dr Florian Zollmann

Senior Lecturer in Journalism

Nancy Kerr Elliott

Lecturer in Folk and Traditional Music

Dr Kathryn Roberts Parker

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow

Dr Jorge Boehringer

Research Associate

Dr Stephanie Carter

Associate Researcher

Rachel Clark

Student Recruitment & Outreach Assistant

Dr Katarzyna Falecka

Lecturer in Art History

Dr Charlotte Bentley

Lecturer in Music

Dr Sam Buchan-Watts

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

Dr Sharon Zheng

Lecturer in Media, Culture, & Communication

Patience Mathambo

Lecturer in Public Relations

Catherine Maw

Research Support Officer

Anne-Marie Lacey

Lecturer in Public Relations

Sarah Drummond


Louise Driver

PG MGH Learning and Teaching Assistant

Terri Hennessy

Learning and Teaching Assistant

Alistair Robinson

Lecturer, Curating Contemporary Art

Dr John Schoneboom

Research Software Developer

Theresa Easton

Lecturer in Fine Art (Printmaking)

Morag Iles

KTP Associate

Laura Stutter Garcia

Technician – Digital Cultures

Dr Shola Olabode

Research Associate

Dr Oskar Cox Jensen

NUAcT Fellow: Arts and Humanities

Dr Eric Doughney

Lecturer in Music

Dr Olga Smith

NUAcT Fellow - Culture and Creative Arts