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Fred Hollingsworth

Music Technician/Teacher


Personal Information

Fred joined Newcastle University in July 2013, shortly before graduating from the University of Huddersfield with a BSc (Hons) in Music Technology and Audio Systems. Before coming to Newcastle he worked extensively in all aspects of live music from local gigs to major arena tours. In addition to this he has experience as a studio manager, broadcast technician and boom operator.

Fred finished a PGCE in Post-Compulsory Education and Training at Northumbria University in 2016, which he now uses to inform his teaching practice across a range of modules and in the summer of 2017 achieved the status of Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Academically, his interests lie in adaptive sonic interaction through computing environments, recording technology and the influence of technology on music production aesthetics. His undergraduate dissertation title was "An Immersive Binaural Spatialisation System Utilising the Xbox Kinect Controller as a Head Tracker". This was realised using a combination of C# and MAX/MSP programming languages. Fred has worked extensively with C and C programming languages and is proficient with C#, HTML and CSS. He regularly works with content management systems and various distributions of Windows, MacOS and Linux. In 2012 he was featured in The Independent's Student Supplement for his charity work with Oxjam Music Festival.

Outside of work Fred enjoys cooking, keeping fit and attempting to play mandolin.

Role and Responsibilities

Based in the Armstrong Building and Music Studios, Fred supports staff and students across the School of Arts & Cultures, specialising in the operation of audio-visual, music technology and associated equipment. He works closely with Culture Lab, advising on audio related matters in addition to being the principal technician for Culture Lab's venue, The Ballroom.

Fred’s experience gives him a wealth of knowledge in Concert Hall, Studio and Live recording techniques, in addition to being an expert in sound reinforcement. Fred oversees the school’s lighting truss and rigging, ensuring appropriate health and safety standards are met in all situations and arranging annual inspections.

Fred has been responsible for booking, organising and setting up a variety of different events, such as mixed media Fine Art installations, MA Creative Arts Practice final shows and a variety of conferences and spoken word/multimedia events such as The British Science Festival, Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts Festival and the China Independent Film Festival. He also regularly works with Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts.

In addition to teaching, his day to day tasks include equipment troubleshooting and maintenance, instructing students and working as a sound engineer for the weekly LIVE in the King's Hall concerts.

Fred is an AVID Certified Instructor and is an AVID Pro Tools Certified User.


PGCE Post-Compulsory Education and Training (Distinction), Northumbria University, 2014 - 2016

BSc (Hons) Music Technology and Audio Systems (2:1), University of Huddersfield, 2009 - 2013


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Professional Certifications

AVID Pro Tools Certified Instructor (Sept 2017)

AVID Pro Tools Certified User (Sept 2017)

PASMA Mobile Access Tower (Valid until August 2021)

IPAF 3a (Valid until August 2021)

Event Safety Passport (Valid until August 2021)

Previous Positions

Event Technician, Freelance (North East Audio)

Digital Media Technician (0.4), Culture Lab (2014)

Production Coordinator, Oxjam Music Festival

Studio Technician, Bluerooms Studios at The University of Huddersfield

Studio Credits

Una casa umile ma onesta - Riccardo Alderigi - Mastering Engineer (2016)

Awena - Wes Finch - Additional Recording (Concertina) (2015)

Film Credits

The Stagg Do - Post-Production Assistant


Sound Mixer/Design - Missing Time by Serena Korda at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art - 8th February 2018 - 28th May 2018


Since 2014, Fred has linked his PGCE in Post-Compulsory Education and Training to his work with Newcastle University, running workshops and instructional lessons on music technology and studio recording.

This has set Fred in good standing to deliver sessions and lectures on these subject areas for a number of modules. Due to his passion and education in adult pedagogy, he has received exceptionally positive module feedback as a result of the variety of teaching he has undertaken.

MUS1010 - Music Theory: Technique and Practice in Studio Production (2015/16 - present)

Fred takes a leading role in MUS1010, delivering sessions on studio recording, editing and mixing. This module aims to provide the student with core skills in techniques of music production in the recording studio. It aims to help the student build upon or learn from scratch studio approaches and techniques, and to ultimately cultivate a musically intelligent practice and a practical musical intelligence. Skills learned inform stage 2 and 3 modules in composition, analysis, and performance, as well as offering secure theoretical grounding for historical and cultural theory modules.

MUS2015 - Contemporary Studio Practice (2017/18 - present)

Fred also leads on MUS2015, a module centred on studio composition and experimentation, incorporating music production into a collaborative and original environment. Students taking this module produce a portfolio of studio composed works and also a larger work in the second semester with a unified theme. This module give a good foundation to students wishing to produce an album or large recorded work in their final year of study.

MUS2018 - Contemporary Musical Materials (2014/15 - present)

Fred also delivers on MUS2018, delivering sessions on Computer Controllers, Programming (visual and live coding) as a creative tool, Found Sound and Location Recording with Piezos and Pickups, Audio Manipulation and various sound design concepts for video and film production. These sessions utilise a mixture of lectures and workshops (often blurring the lines between the two) to deliver content. Students also undertake analysis tasks of a 'Musical Material' in each session - with materials leading students from the familiar territories of popular music, through to art music, noise and field recordings. Fred attempts to examine subjects through historical, social and technical lenses and attempts to use lecture sessions to engage students whilst boosting their confidence to share their own knowledge.

During previous iterations of this module, Fred has delivered sessions on Wave Theory & Synthesis and Electronic Dance Music. This was with a view to challenge perceptions, teach fundamentals of audio and give an overview about the technical underpinnings of modern music.