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Richard Grayson

Research Fellow



My work as artist and curator broadly investigates ways language and narrative are used to make sense of the world around us, and how narratives in turn generate worlds of their own. Subjective personal readings and constructions of the world and ways that these might achieve social political and cultural expression is the central focus of my work.


Research Interests

The primary focus is on narratives and fictions in contemporary visual culture -both as an artist and curator - How they are used both to understand the world and model potentialities . The focus is on the subjective and the belief system as sites of opposition to hegemonic capital and commodity, and as a response to the discourses of modernity and enlightenment rationality.

Other Expertise

Artist Curator Writer

Current Work

hayward Touring Exhibtion A Secret Service investigation the artists and their realtionship to ideas of teh the secret

Future Research

The Golden space City of God: Video Installation and collaboration with composer and choir in writing a new oratoria from cult material drawn from the world wide web