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Dr Steve Walls

Associate Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies


I joined the Media and Cultural studies team as a 'newbie' in the 2009/2010 academic year. My main fields of interest and expertise include: consumption and material culture; advertising; fashion and society; celebrity culture; identities; class, ‘taste’ and aesthetics; social and cultural theory; research methods; gender and sexuality; cultures of work, employment and leisure and urban name but a few! My PhD, gained from Durham University in 2007, explored the gendered nature of aesthetics within fashion retail and the extent to which ‘aesthetic labour’ can become ‘mobile’, moving beyond the workplace and into other social spheres. This project underlined  how such ‘mobility’ can lead to both ‘hidden injuries’ of service work but also be used as a resource to be exploited by workers, within local and wider cultural economies.

More recently my research/publication output has focused upon masculinities,  cultural politics and 'hipster' identity forged through complex consumption practices; 'beard porn' and mediated male grooming; and the cultural contours of abjection/disgust in advertising. 


For the current academic year 2015/2016 I will be teaching on the following modules:

  • COM1023: Introduction to Media Studies
  • COM1025: Researching Media, Communication & Culture I
  • COM2069: Researching Media, Communication & Culture II
  • COM3063: Advertising & Consumption
  • COM3074: Themes and Issues in Contemporary Media, Communication and Cultural Studies
  • COM3077: Politics, Power & Communication
  • COM3073: Research Dissertation Supervision
  • COM8020: Essential Academic Skills for Media Students
  • COM8057: Media Analysis
  • COM8199/8299 MA Dissertation Supervision