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Uta Kogelsberger

Senior Lecturer



Video Works:

Playing the Cave

Waiting for Los Angeles

South by Southwest

2008-2014 Off Road

2014 Interview with Uta Kogelsberger and Tom Leeser


Paradise video

2007 Picturing Paradise website

Night Vision etc

2014 Antipodes

2010 Mystery Spots

Uta Kogelsberger is an artist working with photography, video installation and sound. Her work develops out of an intense involvement with specific sites where human interactions with landscape become physical and visual manifestations of a society’s ideology and belief structures. Kogelsberger’s practice is straddles and immersive and critical aesthetics. Recent projects have included Playing the Cave, a response to the climatic conditions in the Lake District; Waiting for Los Angeles, a portrait of the City of Los Angeles; Off Road, an investigation of the notion of freedom in the USA.


Recent photographic projects have included Antipodes a series of photographic images juxtaposing two exactly opposite sides of the world, Picturing Paradise, a mock anthropological survey which looked at whether there is a common denominator to what we consider an ideal place through the example of places where individuals have sought to re-create notions of paradise in their private living environments, Getting Lost an investigation of the American landscapes we associate with the notion of untouched wilderness, Urban Myths a project exploring those American cities that have grown in unlikely inhospitable landscapes and their surroundings.


Kogelsberger’s work has been exhibited at Bluecoat Liverpool, Spacex Exter, CGP Gallery, London, Danielle Arnaud, London, the Architectural Association London, the Barbican, London, and Laurence Miller Gallery, NYC  and the Glassell Project Space MFAH, Houston. Her project ‘night vision’ was published in an artist monograph with a text by Jean Paul Curnier. She has been awarded the Stanley Picker Fellowship, the Berwick Gymnasium Fellowship, the EAA Award for Art in Architecture and the SPD silver medal for editorial photography. Her photographic essays have been published in Wired (USA, UK, Italy), Esquire (Spain), Quo Magazine (Spain, Mexico) and GQ (South Africa) and American Photography. 


Research Interests

Uta Kögelsberger is a London based artist working with photography, video installation and sound. Her work develops out of an intense involvement with specific sites where human interactions with landscape become physical and visual manifestations of a society’s ideology and belief structures. Kögelsberger’s practice straddles immersive and critical aesthetics. Recent projects have included Playing the Cave, a response to the climatic conditions in the Lake District; Waiting for Los Angeles, a portrait of the City of Los Angeles; Off Road, an investigation of the notion of freedom in the USA.

Kögelsberger’s work has been exhibited at Bluecoat Liverpool, Spacex, Exter, CGP, Gallery, London, Danielle Arnaud, London, the Architectural Association London, the Barbican, London, and Laurence Miller Gallery, NYC, and the Glassell Project Space MFAH, Houston. She has been awarded the Stanley Picker Fellowship, the Berwick Gymnasium Fellowship, the EAA Award for Art in Architecture and the SPD silver medal for editorial photography. Her photographic essays have been published in Wired, Esquire, GQ and American Photography

Recent Projects:

Orchestra of Rocks: Not Rock Concert was an installation of sculpture and sound performance by Uta Kögelsberger in collaboration with Atau Tanaka and invited sound artists and DJ’s Dane Law (Adam Parkinson)xname (Eleonora Oreggia), Shelly Parker and Tom Richards. It was exhibited as part of the Whitechapel Art Night Associate Programme and transformed St Olave’s Church on Hart street into an immersive environment of sculptural installation and sound. Based on Kogelsberger’s recordings of individual raindrops, captured with experimental recording techniques, Tanaka, Dane Law, Xname, Shelly Parker and Tom Richards each created improvisations of trancelike, rhythmic and ritualistic soundscapes hovering between abstraction and dance track. The work takes its cue from Kogelsberger’s previous video installation Playing the Cave - a playful evocation of ancient rituals, myth and man's desire, often futile, to gain control over nature.

The Antipode Series The Antipode project seeks to make complex global relations palpable through a set of photographic diptychs that collapse geographical space by joining two exactly opposite points of the globe in a single image. 

At the core of the inquiry are the political implications of the redefinition of geographical space. In our one world society invisible international networks of, primarily, but not exclusively economical, cultural, and ecological systems supersede national boundaries. The resulting collapse of geographical space is arguably the most significant change impacting on the current political landscape. By drawing seemingly unrelated spaces together through a set of geographical co-ordinates the series seeks to create unexpected connections to draw attention to the fact that in spite of differences our worlds are inextricably connected. 

Pockets of Freedom; Off Road is the second installment of a Trilogy of works that looks at controlled pockets of freedom in the United States and how these notions are manifested in a unique relationship to the American landscape. It explores freedom as a construct that is instrumental in sustaining the political system that houses it. Off Road was developed out of an intense and sustained over a five-year period at a State vehicular Recreation Area in California. The location consists of a very large area of sand dunes, the south side of which borders on a nature reserve. In the work this close proximity of two contrasting sites acts as a metaphor for two very different interpretations of freedom. These contradictions are materialised by juxtaposing visual languages. The work seeks to redefine ways in which video and photography can be combined in contemporary art. Central to this is the way that time is represented, and an exploration of the boundaries documentary and fictional filmic languages. Off Road has been exhibited in a one-person show at Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art, London in January 2014 and reviewed on viral net, a curatorial project of Tom Leeser (Cal Arts), screened at the California International Arts Foundation and exhibited in Brussels and acquired for the permanent collection at LACMA. 

The American book project: This project brings together 10 years of previously unpublished photographs, drawing on a collection of approximately 10000 medium and large format negatives to edit them down to a large-scale, limited-edition book project of 184 photographs. Instead of focusing on a coherent narrative, topicality or subject matter it specifically seeks to disrupt narrative, coherent representation or meaning to focus on the medium of photography as such. It is a reflection on the changing nature of how we receive and disseminate photographic images.

Solo Exhibitions:

2015   Playing the Cave, Tullie House, Carslisle

            South By Southwest, Abbot Hall, Kendal

            Cinema IV, Wordsworth Trust, Grassmere

            Waiting for Los Angeles, Ex-Libris Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne

2014    Off Road, Danielle Arnaud, London

2008    Bunker Series, Photofusion, London

2007    Flares, Roads and Paradise, Aenaon Gallery, Athens, Greece

2005    Dark Light, Glassell project Space, The Museum of Fine Art, Houston, Texas

2004    Uta Kogelsberger, Queens Hall, Hexham

2003    Gegenlicht, Art Lab, London

2003    Retreat, CGP, London

2002    Moon Struck, Berwick Gymnasium, Berwick-Upon-Tweed

2000    Out so late Miss, Art-tank, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

2000    Samsa Nella Citta, Galleria Interio, Bologna, Italy.

1999    More and Less, Art Tank, Belfast

1997    Twelve months, Sculpture House, Kingston Upon Thames

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2015    A Foreign Encounter, Munich, Germany

            Slash Seconds, Sharjah Art Foundation, Sharjah

2012    Topophobia,

            Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art, London

            Bluecoat, Liverpool

            Spaces, Exeter

2011    Elusive, Camberwell Space, London

2011    Trajector Art Fair, group show with Ersatz Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2010    Reading Landscape, Architectural Association, London

2010    European Sovereign Art Prize, Barbican, London

2010    Appropriate Modernism, Hotel Bloom, Brussels

2010    Architectural Fictions, Bracknell Park

2010    SPD Prize, Cipriani’s, NYC

2009    Three by Three, Yinka Shonibare Gallery, London, England

2009    Inkubator 2, Durham Military Museum, England

2007    A Private Paradise, Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art, London

2007    Yee Haw!, Vegas Gallery, London

2007    Celebrations, Stanley Picker Gallery, London

2006    festival-off, les Rencontres, Arles, France

2006    Visual Arts Futures, Bloomberg Space, London, UK

2004    Arts Futures, Contemporary Arts Society, London, UK

2003    Oases, Laurence Miller Gallery, NYC, USA

2003    A Taste of Honey, Buckfastleigh Festival, Devon

2003    The Connecting Principle, Newcastle University, Newcastle

2000    Seventy over Two Thousand, travelling group exhibition, Stanley Picker Gallery, Edinburgh City Arts Centre, The National Arts Centre of Malta, John David Mooney Foundation, Chicago

1999    Gratuitous, Metro Cinema, London

1998    In the Sticks, Edinburgh Festival, Richard Demarco Foundation, Edinburgh

1997    In residence, In transit, Stanley Picker Gallery, London, UK

1997    Whatever you want it to be, Edinburgh Festival, Demarco Foundation, Edinburgh

1996    Art and Science, Demarco European Art Foundation, Edinburgh



            Artist Monographs

2005    Uta Kogelsberger, 2005, artist monograph with a text by Jean Paul Curnier, published by Photo North, UK, 76pp

Edited books:

2015    American Photographers, 2015 published by American Photography, a publication presenting the work of the top 100 photographers of the USA, 310pp

2012:   Topophobia, edited by Eggebert and Gould, 2012, published by Eggebert and Gould, London, pp. 8-14 and pp.116

2010    American Photographers, 2010, published by American Photography, a publication presenting the work of the top 100 photographers of the USA, 310pp

2008    Berwick Gymnasium Fellowships, anthology of previous Berwick Gymnasium Fellows, published by English Heritage, 160pp

2007    14th International Month of Photography Athens, exhibition catalogue, published by Hellenic Center for Photography, 142pp

1997    In residence in Transit, exhibition catalogue, Published by Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University



2014    The Ends of The World, Photo essay about Antipodes, Wired USA and Wired UK

2013    Topophobia, Redeye Magazine, Review by Stephen Clarke

Topophobia, Frieze, Review by Colin Glen
Topophobia, Interface a-n, Review by Anneka french

Topophpobia at the Bluecoat, Double Negative, Review by Linda Pittwood

Topophobia, The Guardian picks

2011    Concrete Ambivalence, by John Beck, Duke University Press

2010    My favorite shot, The Guardian, UK

2010    Urban Myths, TAG Magazine, USA

2010    Mystery Spots, Esquire Magazine, Spain ‘Mystery Spots’ Quo Magazine, Spain, Quo Magazine, Mexico

2009    Mystery Spots Wired Magazine, UK, Wired Magazine, Italy, GQ, South Africa,

2008    Paradise now, Ken Pratt, Wound Magazine

2003    Oases, Time Out, New York

2003    Oases, The New Yorker, New York

2003    Uta Kogelsberger, Art Monthly, October

2003    Uta Kogelsberger, Time out, issue 1724

2003    Lookout, ITV Borders 2000

2003    Belgian With an eye for Northumbria, Scotsman, 23/04/02

2001    Uta Kogelsberger, Tema Celeste, issue 85

2000    Samsa Nella Citta, Bologna, Bologna, November 2000

2000    Things That might Just go Bump in the Night, Ian Hill, Newsletter

1999    Television art Program, BBC Choice

1999    Demarco European Art Foundation, The List, issue 341

1999    Hit-list, The List, Issue 339

1998    A Dazzling Finale, Elizabeth Mahoney, Scottsman

1997    In residence, In transit, catalogue published by Stanley Picker Gallery

1997    Artist in Revolt, Ian Gale, Spectrum

1996    An Artwork that is really that, Cordelia Oliver, Artwork, issue 84


2015    The Ends of the Earth, selected for American Photography

2010    Mystery Spots, selected for American Photography

2010    Mystery Spots, SPD silver Medal for editorial photography

2010    Urban Myths, shortlisted for Sovereign European Art Prize

2005    Uta Kogelsberger, publication shortlisted for artist book of the year award

2001    EAA- Award for Art in Architecture for outstanding achievement with a public art work for my site specific installation ‘time line’; a permanent commission for the New Dancebase Centre in Edinburgh Designed by Malcolm Fraser Architects.


Fellowships and residencies:

2008    CRIR- Residency, Copenhagen, Denmark

2006    Artist-Residency, Center for Land Use and Interpretation, Wendover, USA

2003    Full-Fellowship, VSC, Vermont, USA

02-03   Art and Architecture Residency, Kielder, UK

01/02   Berwick Gymnasium Fellowship, Berwick Upon Tweed, UK

95/96   Stanley Picker Fellowship, Kingston University, UK


Commissions and Collaborative Projects:

2015    New Expressions, Cumberland Museum Consortium

2009    Mystery-Spots, Wired USA

2004    Hidden States, Backdrop for Opera staged at Baltic Center for Contemporary


1999    Timeline, Public Art Commission for new Dance-base Centre Edinburgh, PACE

Grants and Funding

2014    Waiting for Los Angeles, Artist International development Fund, Arts Council London

2013    Material Matters, Large Bid preparation fund, University of Newcastle,

2012    Off Road, FRF grant, Newcastle University

2008    Dark Light, AHRC, Small Grant to the Creative and Performing Arts

06-07   Dark Light, IFRF grant, Newcastle University

2007    Picturing-Paradise, AHRC, Small Grant to the Creative and Performing Arts

2004    Picturing Paradise, FRF grant, Newcastle University

2003    Night Vision, Arts Council Project Grant

2003    Retreat, AHRC, Small Grant to the Creative and Performing Arts

1999    Out so late Miss, Arts Council of Northern Ireland Project Grant 


My educational background was in sculpture. However I have been working with photography and video since 2002. These are also the main areas on inquiry I supervise. I have taught into all years of the BA and the MFA. I supervise PHD students and devise and co-ordinate the Visiting speaker Program.I currently program and devise our public Visiting Speaker series. This is one of the flagship elements of Fine Art as the University of Newcastle, a very active weekly series of talks of artists, writers and curators, as well as other professionals in the field of visual arts and culture. My curatorial approach to this role has provided a series of talks that address a wide range of critical and contextual issues to cover all aspects of contemporary art practices in the expanded field. Since I took on the programme last year I have established links with regional Institutions and held a series of collaborative talks Baltic (Deimantas Narkevičius), the Northern Gallery of Contemporary Arts (Jeffrey Dennis), the exhibition space at the Tyneside Cinema (Phillip Warnell) and the North East Photography Network (Anne Hardy).

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