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HSK1 Course

Who is the HSK1 course suitable for?

The HSK1 Course is suitable for complete beginners with no Chinese language experience and those interested in taking the HSK level 1 test. Upon finishing the course, your vocabulary will reach about 150 words.

What textbook is used in this course?

The textbook we will use for this course is "Standard Course HSK 1". Throughout the course, we will study the entire book’s content, covering lessons 1-15.

Standard Course HSK 1 textbook cover

What will you gain from the HSK1 course?

Communication skills

At the end of the HSK1 course, you'll be able to:

  • say short and simple expressions from daily life such as saying hello and good-bye, expressing gratitude and making apologies
  • carry out the most basic conversation like asking about names, nationality, ages, dates, times, weather
  • use Chinese to talk about your everyday experiences, and ask about others’ experiences

Language knowledge

Upon completion of the HSK1 course, you'll understand and master the basics of:

  • Pinyin (the phonetic symbols for Chinese characters, the system to transcribe Mandarin Chinese sounds into a Latin Alphabet) like initials, finals, and tones, laying a sound foundation for further study
  • Chinese characters, being able to recognize and read the most common 52 single-component characters with the strongest character-forming ability
  • Chinese grammar such as the Chinese word order, measure words, function words

Culture experience

  • gain knowledge about Chinese culture related to daily communication, i.e. asking about one’s age in a Chinese way, the Characteristics of Chinese names, and common Chinese tools Chinese people often use
  • experience some Chinese cultural activities, i.e. writing Chinese calligraphy
  • understand the cultural knowledge contained in Chinese characters

How to enrol on the HSK1 course?

Please complete the Chinese Language Evening Classes registration form.

How to pay for this course?

To secure your place on the course, please follow the HSK1 course payment link Payment is required to confirm your enrolment on this course.

We look forward to seeing you in class soon.