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HSK3(A) Course

Who is the HSK3(A) course suitable for?

The HSK3(A) is suitable for students with 40 hours of Chinese learning and those interested in taking the HSK level 3 test. Upon finishing the course, your vocabulary will reach about 450 words.

What textbook is used in this course?

The textbook we will use for this course is "Standard Course HSK 3". The textbook is organized into 20 lessons. Throughout the course, we will be covering the material from lessons 1 to 10.

Standard Course HSK 3 textbook

What will you gain from the HSK3(A) course?

Communication skills

At the end of the HSK3(A) course, you'll be able to:

  • carry out conversations in daily life about topics such as weekend plans
  • describe a person's appearance, character, movement, behaviour
  • give orders and requests, ask about possibilities, compare people and things

Language knowledge

Chinese character

You'll further study Chinese characters. You'll learn about Self-Explanatory characters and Associative compounds, and learn about fun rules for forming Chinese characters. Learners will be able to gain some basic knowledge of the formation of Chinese characters. You'll have a general idea of the structure of Chinese characters.


You'll further study Chinese grammar. You'll learn the complement of result, simple complements of direction, complements of possibility, and comparative sentences.

Chinese sayings

This course will teach 20 common Chinese sayings. Most of the characters and words involved in these sayings are learned in the HSK1 and HSK2 courses. By learning these Chinese sayings, you'll be able to use Chinese more authentically. 

Culture experience

Drung this course, you will:

  • gain the cultural knowledge contained in Chinese sayings
  • gain cultural knowledge about traditional sports in China, what Chinese people wear on their wedding days, etc.
  • experience some traditional sports and wedding customs in China

How to enrol on the HSK3(A) course?

Please complete the Chinese Language Evening Classes registration form.

How to pay for this course?

To secure your place on the course, please follow the HSK3 course payment link  Payment is required to confirm your enrolment on the course.

We look forward to seeing you in class soon.