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HSK4(B) Course

Who is the HSK4(B) course suitable for?

The HSK4(B) Course is suitable for students with 100 hours of Chinese learning and those interested in taking the HSK level 4 test. Upon finishing the course, your vocabulary will reach about 1200 words.

What textbook is used in this course?

The textbook we will use for this course is "Standard Course HSK 4". This book is divided into 2 volumes- HSK4A and HSK4B. "Standard Course HSK 4A" covers lessons 1-10, and "Standard Course HSK 4B" covers lessons 11-20. Throughout the course, we will study the entire book’s content of "Standard Course HSK 4B".

Standard Course HSK 4B textbook

What will you gain from the HSK4(B) course?

Communication skills

At the end of the HSK4(B) course, you'll be able to talk about:

  • complex topics such as the benefits of reading, or the art of education
  • simple philosophical topics such as the taste of life, or the view along the way
  • complex social topics, such as environmental protection, the relationship between humans and nature, and the impact of technology on the world

Language knowledge

Chinese associative words

You'll learn more Chinese associative words, and be able to understand the logical relationship between clauses and clauses.


You'll be able to use words more accurately and improve the ability to distinguish synonyms from three levels: semantics, grammar, and pragmatics.


You'll be able to understand the logical relationship between paragraphs and paragraphs, and improve the ability to express in paragraphs.

Culture experience

During this course, you will learn about:

  • Journey to the West - one of the most famous classic works in Chinese literature
  • famous figures in Chinese history, such as Confucius and Mencius
  • daily life in contemporary China, including social platforms like Weibo and WeChat

How to enrol on the HSK4(B) course?

Please complete the Chinese Language Evening Classes registration form.

How to pay for this course?

To secure your place on the course please follow the HSK4 course payment link Payment is required to confirm your enrolment on this course.

We look forward to seeing you in class soon.