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HSK5(A) Course

Who is the HSK5(A) course suitable for?

The HSK5(A) Course is suitable for students with 120 hours of Chinese learning and those interested in taking the HSK level 5 test. Upon finishing the course, your vocabulary will reach about 1600 words.

What textbook is used in this course?

The textbook we will use for this course is "Standard Course HSK 5A". Throughout ten sessions, we will cover the material of the first two units, totalling six lessons from the book.

What will you gain from the HSK5(A) course?

Communication skills

By the end of the HSK5(A) course, you will have honed your ability to engage in more complex conversations and discussions in Chinese.

You'll be able to express your thoughts and ideas with greater precision and fluency, navigating a wider range of topics confidently. Your improved vocabulary and sentence structures will empower you to communicate effectively in both casual and formal settings.

Language knowledge

Through the comprehensive coverage of the first two units, you will significantly enhance your grasp of Chinese grammar, syntax, and idiomatic expressions. Your reading and writing skills will be strengthened, enabling you to comprehend and produce more advanced written texts. Moreover, your listening and speaking proficiency will undergo noticeable improvement, allowing you to comprehend native speakers with greater ease. You'll also be able to articulate your thoughts more naturally.

Culture experience

You will explore cultural nuances embedded in the language, enabling you to engage with native speakers on a deeper level and better understand the context behind various phrases and expressions. By delving into cultural themes integrated into the course content, you will gain a richer appreciation for the cultural diversity and historical significance of the Chinese language.

How to enrol on the HSK5(A) course?

Please fill out the Chinese Languages Evening Classes registration form.

How to pay for this course?

To secure your place on the course, please follow the HSK5A course payment link Payment is required to confirm your enrolment on this course.

We look forward to seeing you in class soon.