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Fenham is an area in the west-end of Newcastle.

Directly west of the city centre, it lies past the large area of open land known as the Town Moor. To the south lies Benwell, while West Denton sits further to the west, Blakelaw and Cowgate to the north, and Arthur's Hill and Spital Tongues to the east. The area has an ethnically mixed population and is also home to many students.

The area covers two wards of Newcastle: Wingrove Ward, and West Fenham Ward. Fenham grew up as a separate township from Newcastle, lying on the western outskirts of the city. Much of the land originally belonged to religious charitable institutions, and there are covenant restrictions on the building of any licensed premises.

Today Fenham is best known in the local area for its large Asian community, with many of the businesses in the area Asian-owned and including many specialty stores such as halal butchers and Asian jewellery and clothing stores. There are many ethnic minority groups living side by side in Fenham, with a significant number of people of South East Asian heritage.

Overview of Fenham from a field