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Spital Tongues

A stone's throw away from the city centre with its own individual identity.

For a place located right on the cusp of the city centre, Spital Tongues retains a remarkable sense of separation and distinctiveness. It's surrounded by, Hunters Moor, Nuns Moor, the Town Moor and Castle Leazes. These landmarks provide an effective buffer on three sides between Spital Tongues and the surrounding area helping to maintain the area's village feel. Indeed, many older residents continue to refer to Spital Tongues as "the village". It's a sense of identity both reflected in and perpetuated by business names such as the Village Chippy.

Spital Tongues has a vibrant student presence that helps to support local shops, pubs and services. The insatiable demand for housing in Spital Tongues is testament to its continued popularity as a place to live. The area combines relative proximity to the city centre with a unique, semi-rural atmosphere.

Spital Tongues lake and St James Park in distance