Ben Fisher Profile

Anja McCarthy

Your postgraduate research

My PhD is focussed on new industrial (path) creation and the spatial evolution of new industries over time. With particular reference to new theories and concepts associated with evolutionary economic geography, I’m investigating the path creation processes at play in the formation and evolution of North East England’s offshore wind and printable electronics industries.

Why did you choose to study with CURDS?

I chose to study a PhD at CURDS because of its standing and reputation in the local and regional academic and policy community. Many of the academics at CURDS are internationally-respected, extensively published and share research interests, particularly related to territorial innovation and new industrial path creation, that match my own.

What’s it like being a PhD student in CURDS?

As someone who is studying part-time I really value the flexibility and on-going support provided by my PhD supervisors. Along with face-to-face bi-monthly meetings it’s important that I have tutors who I can approach on an ad-hoc basis for advice and feedback. Both my PhD supervisors give me this support.

And a final word on living in Newcastle……

It’s a cracking night out! Aside from that, the people are really friendly, transport links are great, sporting, social & cultural attractions aplenty. Only downside to living and studying in Newcastle is it rains and snows a lot!