Staff Profiles

A To Z

Dr Neil Alderman
Senior Lecturer

Dr Colin Ashurst
Senior Lecturer

Dr Hanna Bahemia
Lecturer in Innovation Strategy

Dr Jingxin Dong
Senior Lecturer

Dr Peter Eckersley
Research Associate

Dr Karen Elliott
Lecturer in Enterprise & Innovation

Dr Matt Flynn
Senior Lecturer in HRM

  • Telephone: 01912081729

Deborah Forbes

Dr Andreas Giazitzoglu
Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, PhD coordinator for Innovation and Enterprise (MOS subject group)

Dr Jane Gibbon
Senior Lecturer in Accounting

Professor Matthew Gorton
Professor in Marketing, Joint Head of Marketing, Operations and Systems Group

Dr Nick Hajli
Lecturer in Marketing and Entrepreneurship & PhD Coordinator

Dr Graeme Heron
Lecturer in Operations Management

Dr Stewart Johnstone
Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Employment Relations

Dr Jonathan Kimmitt
Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

Dr Toby Lowe
Senior Research Associate

Dr Ewan Mackenzie
Research Associate

Dr Oliver Mallett
Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour

Professor Mike Martin

Dr Robert Newbery
Senior Lecturer in Enterprise and Innovation

Dr Victoria Pagan
Lecturer in Strategic Management

Dr Gu Pang
Degree Programme Director BA (Hons) Marketing and Management (NN52)/ Lecturer in Operations Management

Professor Savvas Papagiannidis
David Goldman Chair of Innovation & Enterprise

Dr Simon Parry
Lecturer in Accounting and Entrepreneurship

Dr Paul Richter

Professor Jonathan Sapsed
Prof of Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Dr Tracy Scurry
Senior Lecturer

Dr Adrian Small
Lecturer in Operations Management

Lucille Valentine
Research Assistant

Dr Arturo Vega
Lecturer in Innovation and Public Policy - Director of the MSc in E-business programmes

Dr Fiona Whitehurst
Senior Lecturer

Professor Rob Wilson
Director of KITE University Research Centre

Dr Ying Yang
Senior Lecturer in Operations Management DPD MSc OSCM, OMLA and Dual Degree