Research within the Centre is currently organised around six main areas or themes:

Complex Project Innovation and Collaboration

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Work on the management of complex projects and collaboration is structured around the work of Dr Neil Alderman, Dr Stewart Johnstone and Dr Tyrone Pitsis. Issues of prime interest to the group include innovation, knowledge management and design processes in complex project settings.




Led by Dr Savvas Papagiannidis and includes Dr Joanna Berry, this theme embraces research on E-business, E-commerce and Internet-related technologies with links to colleagues in Computing Science.  Work in the group is focused on the dynamic interactions between the rapid development of Internet-related technologies and innovations in strategy, business models and organisational design.

Innovation, Enterprise and Sustainability

Innovation and design

These cross-cutting themes have a wide-ranging salience across KITE.   Research in this theme works closely with NiRES (a university institute with a focus on sustainability) to identify the conditions for producing environmentally sustainable and socially accepted innovations, through analysis of relevant policies, strategies and practices of diverse stakeholders and their role in technology development.  Key work includes the work of Dr Joanna Berry with colleagues on creative industries, Dr Jane Gibbon on social accounting, Dr Stewart Johnstone with the work on management and people, Dr Simon Parry on green accounting practices in small businesses, Gu Pang on vehicle routing, inventory routing, distribution and transport management, reverse logistics and closed-loop supply chains, inventory management, optimisation, heuristics and meta-heuristics. Paul Richter on business regulation, Dr Panagiotis Piperopoulos on open innovation, Dr Hanna Bahemia is currently conducting several case studies in a manufacturing firm in the UK, Dr Robert Willison on information systems and deviance in organisations, Dr Tyrone Pitsis on design practices.

Public Services Innovation (PSI)

Led by Dr Rob Wilson, the PSI group is an interdisciplinary research group, drawing on the theoretical bases of social science, management practice and information systems, and grounded in the real world challenges of public service, multi-agency partnership working. The group has an established reputation in applied action research and development projects in the context of public service delivery with established links with the medical faculty (Dr Tracy Finch, Dr Gregory Maniatopoulos, and Dr Tim Rapley) and the schools of Civil Engineering (Profs Stephanie Glendinning and Richard Dawson), and Computing Science in the science faculty (Profs Patrick Olivier and Aad Van Moorsel).

Students, Learning and Careers

Members of KITE are making significant contributions to the development of insights into current debates about the processes and outcomes of higher education in particular. Key work includes Dr Tracy Scurry on graduate careers, Dr Panagiotis Piperopoulos, Dr Jenny Rodriguez is exploring intersectionality in the study of work and organisations, and the interplay between employment relations and migration, Dr Fiona Whitehurst across a range of entrepreneurship education contexts and Paul Richter and Dr Rob Wilson on institutional, staff and student responses to structural changes in the HE sector.

Universities, Innovation and Society

Research on this theme has a long history at Newcastle University, and members of KITE work closely with colleagues Louise Kempton and Professor John Goddard in CURDS including the role of Universities in Civic leadership and regional development. Key work includes the activity of Dr Fiona Whitehurst in the development of the Sub-Sea Marine industry and Dr Colin Ashurst, Dr Rob Wilson with colleagues on innovation and IS in higher education.