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Company Creation

There are opportunities for investment, partnership and leadership roles with the new companies we create each year.

Our Company Creation

We support and facilitate the creation of high-tech, innovative companies. We identify and "spin out" commercial and not-for-profit activities from our world class research.

You might be interested in investing or partnering with one of our companies. Or you might want to join as an experienced executive who can support a company's growth. If you're an investor, an adviser or an academic and interested in working with us and our portfolio of companies, please get in touch


Spin out companies

We have an excellent track record for producing spin-out companies from applied research. We also play a significant role in the development of new products and services.

Our spin out companies contribute to the development and vitality of the region through new jobs and revenue creation. 

Infographic. 37 spin-outs. 310 jobs. £35M investment. £19.8M turnover.

Executives into business

We support our deep tech and innovative spin-out companies to maximize their growth and success. This may involve recruiting executives with a high level of business acumen and experience in scaling up businesses.

We want to attract ambitious, experienced, and well-networked business executives to early-stage ventures. We offer remuneration and equity. We are particularly looking for executives with experience in deep tech life sciences and engineering. If you believe you have the skills and experience to lead a spin-out business, or want to find out more, get in touch. 

Northern Accelerator

We are founding members of the Northern Accelerator programme. This is a collaboration between the universities in the north east of England. The programme has accelerated the commercialisation of innovation. It boosts our region’s economy, making a real-world impact from world-leading research.

Our list of current spin outs include the following:

Advanced Electric Machines

The unique, low cost traction motor technology will drive tomorrow's hybrid, range extended and electric commercial vehicles. The technology delivers excellent performance in a robust package.

Find out more about Advanced Electric Machines

Aelius Biotech

Aelius Biotech is a contract research company specialising in modelling the mucosal surfaces of the aerodigestive tract. Aelius' Integrated Model Gut System is a lab model. It stretches from the mouth to the large intestine. It can be used to test drug delivery and absorption, screen formulations, develop and test functional foods and study pre- and pro- biotics.

Find out more about Aelius Biotech


Alcyomics is a UK based unique pre-clinical service provider using Skimune®. This is a non-artificial human skin explant for safety and efficacy assessment of novel compounds and drugs. Their aim is to provide novel solutions for pre-clinical drug safety and efficacy testing for therapeutics. This includes cellular therapies and to extend its technologies for use in the chemical and cosmetic industries.

Find out more about Alcyomics

Armatus Oceanics

Armatus Oceanic is deep-sea venture focused on making the deep sea accessible to all. They continue to develop and deploy underwater technology. This allows the exploration and surveying of up to 11,000 meters below the ocean’s surface.

Find out more about Armatus Oceanics

AMLo Biosciences

AMLo Biosciences provides a prognostic test for early AJCC Stage I and Stage II melanoma. This will better identify a patient’s true risk of disease progression. They have identified two proteins (AMBLor®) in the skin overlying the primary tumour that are lost in high-risk melanoma.

Find out more about AMLo Biosciences


Atelerix offers a transformative hydrogel technology for the storage and transport of viable cells. This includes stem cells and cell-based assays at ambient temperatures. It overcomes the barriers presented by the current need for cryo-shipping. It's simple, cell-friendly and offers immediate access to stem cell therapies.

Find out more about Atelerix

APIX Nutrition

Apix Nutrition's proprietary range of novel feeds for honeybees delivers a balanced and healthy diet in pre-pack and ready-to-eat formats. Their aim is to address a failure in the market for effective bee nutrition throughout the world.

Find out more about APIX Nutrition

3D Biotissues

3D Biotissues is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies in corneal 3D printing. Professor Che Connon at Newcastle University founded the company. 20 years of knowledge, performing cutting edge research, was fundamental to the understanding of how the cornea works.

Find out more about 3D Biotissues


CellRev’s mission is to be the leader in continuous cell culturing technologies. It provides clients with highly sophisticated and innovative products. They have expertise in the design and bioactivity testing of peptide-based molecules for biotechnological applications. CellRev has also developed a smart coating. This demonstrates the concept of continuous cell manufacture.

Find out more about CellRev

Demuris (Odyssey)

Demuris is a drug discovery and development company. It employs state-of-the-art platform technologies in natural product discovery, design and production. Demuris’ portfolio of new drug development often lies in a unique collection of Actinomycete bacteria. They can manipulate the behaviour of surrounding organisms, including bacteria, fungi, plants and animals.

Find out more about Demuris (Odyssey) 

Dragonfly Insulation Ltd

Dragonfly Insulation Ltd scales up aerogel manufacture. Based on innovative and simplified manufacturing processes, with low energy consumption, it offers various forms of aerogel products.

Find out more about Dragonfly Insulation Ltd

ESP Diagnostics Ltd (ESPDx)

ESPDx developed a simple and accurate test for early-stage diagnosis and early pre-symptomatic detection of both dementia with Lewy Bodies and Parkinson's disease. The test measures biomarkers in extracellular vesicles. It enables early and accurate diagnosis of neurodegenerative disorders for:

  • patients
  • clinicians
  • healthcare providers
  • drug developers

Find out more about ESP Diagnostics Ltd


e-Therapeutics plc accelerates drug discovery through a novel view of disease networks. They combine a computer-based platform and biological expertise to create and analyse disease network models. Potential proteins are identified that could be disrupted to treat the disease.

Find out more about e-Therapeutics


FibroFind provides world class research solutions in liver, kidney and lung disease.

Find out more about FibroFind


GitLife have introduced CellRepo, the first Version Control System for Synthetic Biology. They aim to set the global standard in the management of provenance and integrity for biological assets; enabling the potential of synthetic biology to be realised worldwide.

Find out more about GitLife


GlycoScore is a patented blood test that detects a panel of novel biomarkers and can accurately diagnose prostate cancer. The GlycoScore analytes are detected using a simple method called ELISA. This makes the test easily adoptable by pathology labs worldwide with no additional capital investment needed. 

Find out more about GlycoScore

Indicatrix Crystallography

Indicatrix offers a unique under oil micro crystallisation technique for the crystallisation of organic soluble small molecules. This enables solid state molecular structural analysis in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Indicatrix performs thousands of individual experiments with only a few milligrams of analyte. It enables them to solve the most challenging industrial small molecule crystallisation problems.

Find out more about Indicatrix Crystallography


Jetbio has been established to commercialise Newcastle University's patented bioprinting technology. Their reactive jet impingement (ReJI) bioprinting technology is a fast, flexible system for printing biomimetic cell filled gels for use in developing in vitro disease models for drug testing, or to support regenerative medicine.

Find out more about JetBio

Literal Labs

Literal Labs aims to redefine Artificial Intelligence and make AI a universally accessible tool. Their focus is developing a novel edge, AI chip architecture that is based on propositional logic.

Find out more about Literal Labs


MarraBio design, engineer and construct bacterial protein polymers, that contain the biological messages that cells need to grow, divide, and behave properly. Cells grown on an industrial scale for research, agricultural or therapeutic use need to be supplied with the right signals. MarraBio provide a multi-functional, cost-effective solution in a single, easy to use material.

Find out more about MarraBio



Microbritt is a rapid micro-manufacturing company. It's similar to 3D printing services for the manufacturing of novel complex microscale products from brittle materials, like silicon. Customers are able to make products which can't be manufactured using conventional technology. They also make them faster.

Find out more about Microbritt

Newcells Biotech

Newcells Biotech specialises in producing induced pluripotent stem cells and their differentiation into various cell and tissue types. They offer high quality cells and services for customers engaged in:

  • drug discovery
  • pre-clinical development
  • disease mechanism investigation

Find out more about Newcells Biotech


NunaBio invents, designs and engineers new technologies and products for chemical and biological applications. Their main areas of focus include:

  • biosensing in various industries
  • DNA/gene production for cell and gene therapies
  • vaccines
  • diagnostics

Find out more about NunaBio


Scubatx develops technology to preserve organs. In doing so they offer healthcare providers significant net savings. They help clinicians around the world to increase the pool of life-giving organs.

Find out more about Scubatx

Skin Life Analytics

Skin Life Analytics developed a non-invasive test that can reveal if a person's skin is at risk of ageing prematurely. This could be from lifestyle risks such as exposure to sunlight and poor sleep, which can damage skin cells. In addition to a skin swab, the test includes a lifestyle assessment that can suggest changes to improve skin condition. They also utilise face scan technology to pinpoint areas that would benefit from a targeted care regime.

Find out more about Skin Life Analytics


TREAT-NMD is a network for the neuromuscular field. It provides an infrastructure to ensure that the most promising new therapies reach patients as quickly as possible. Their focus is to develop tools that industry, clinicians and scientists need to bring novel therapeutic approaches through preclinical development and into the clinic.

Find out more about TREAT-NMD

XR Therapeutics

XR Therapeutics (XRT) provides a step-change in the way therapeutic interventions for anxiety are delivered. This is for people with autism, phobias and situation-specific anxieties. XRT's product integrates traditional CBT and exposure therapies using various virtual reality environments.

Find out more about XR Therapeutics

Our Team

We have extensive, hands on experience of creating and successfully managing new businesses. Our team includes:

If you would like to discuss any business opportunities with the team please contact Caitlin Jardine, our Company Creation Administrator.