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Technology Transfer and Licensing

Helping you to access innovative new technologies.

Our world class research has created a wide range of intellectual property

We want our discoveries to make a positive difference to our world. We recognise that sometimes other organisations are best placed to take our technology forward.

This is where you can license our intellectual property (IP).

Our Business Development Managers are experienced, discrete professionals. They can work with you to explore and understand our IP. Together we can develop agreements for the IP to be used.

By working together and licensing our technologies to you, we can make a difference to lives, organisations and products around the world.

From seaweed to laundry detergent

We worked with global consumer products giant P&G to harness the power of nature to innovate a laundry product.

The market for laundry detergents, fabric conditioners and fabric care is huge. More consumers want excellent cleaning results from washing at lower temperatures.

Our marine biology researchers discovered an enzyme that is used by bacteria to unstick themselves from seaweed. We worked with P&G to show that the enzyme could be used to develop laundry detergents that work efficiently at low temperatures. Today, the enzyme is used across the Ariel product range.


Ovarian cancer treatment

Each year, around 7,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer across the UK. One in 50 women will develop the disease at some point in their life.

Over 20 years, we've worked with Cancer Research UK’s Cancer Research Technology Limited. We discovered and developed Rubraca®. It is the first-in-class PARP inhibitor rucaparib (Rubraca) for ovarian cancer.

The drug offers a lifeline to women with advanced ovarian cancer, who have received two or more prior chemotherapies and whose tumours have a BRCA gene mutation.

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