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An efficient, confidential and commercially-sensitive service for your organisation.

We provide an efficient and confidential service

The expertise of our academics and researchers is available to your organisation.

Consultancy differs from research. Typically, research is centred around the creation of new knowledge. Consultancy often takes place over much shorter time periods and draws on existing expertise and knowledge.

Types of consultancy

  • specialist advice and guidance
  • scientific advisory boards
  • laboratory-based testing
  • data evaluation and assessment
  • access to international specialist data sets
  • speaker agreements
  • expert witness services
  • acting as Chief Investigators for clinical trials
  • publishing/Editor-in-Chief agreements
  • advising on company provision of CPD
  • product design

Working for you

We provide consultancy to a huge range of clients across the UK and internationally. We work with:

  • multinationals
  • charities
  • SMEs
  • Government departments
  • public sector bodies
  • other Higher Education Institutions