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MSc Digital Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship Data Analytics

Helping experienced professionals further knowledge in data analytics


Newcastle University has done extensive work to develop a business-relevant MSc-level degree apprenticeship that will drive technological innovation and change in your organisation.

Because of our sector leading expertise in computing and business, the programme at Newcastle University is uniquely placed to enhance employee skills, improve productivity, and drive innovation. 

This two year course will upskill employees working as IT professionals, in current and evolving issues of Data Analytics including data management and visualisation, Big Data analysis, statistical approaches to data, and machine learning. It will help develop their skills in leadership and innovation, and culminates in a project based within their workplace.

Our apprenticeship allows companies to upskill current employees and new graduates, and empower them to become better leaders as well as technical experts. It will further advantage your organisation by providing opportunities for your employees to network and share ideas, and best practice, with IT professionals from a range of industries and backgrounds; giving you access to cutting edge innovations and high-level connections with diverse, market-leading organisations from across the North East, and beyond. The apprentices will have access to our state-of-the-art facilities in the University’s Urban Sciences Building, on the centrally located Newcastle Helix site, together with a wealth of online resources, and the University’s library.

Apprentices who successfully complete this programme will earn an MSc Digital and Technology Solutions (Data Analytics) from Newcastle University.

Applications are open for September 2024 admissions for our Data Analytics programme, please complete the enquiry form to find out more.

My company was looking to evolve its capabilities and one of our skills gaps is a data scientist so doing this apprenticeship gives me the skills to work on new technologies, move up to the next level and to progress my career.

Apprentice on the Data Analytics Programme 2019-21