National Centre for Energy Systems Integration

Staff Profile

Dr Zoya Pourmirza

Research Associate


Dr. Zoya Pourmirza received her PhD from The University of Manchester in 2015, and joined Newcastle University (NU) as a Research Associate in 2016. She works with the National Centre for Energy Systems Integration (CESI) and Active Building Centre (ABC), investigating the design and development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) architecture for smart energy networks with the focus on data communication efficiency and cyber-security issues related to energy systems.

She is working on a number of research, teaching, and supervisory projects. Zoya has also been involved in the UKRI Research and Innovation Infrastructure Roadmap (RIIR) project as a lead researcher where she identified the current landscape and future key RIIs in Energy sector in the UK in order to inform policy makers to meet the UK Government 2050 carbon targets.

Dr Pourmirza has been the PI of the mini project entitled Heat as a service: Benefits, barriers, and evidence needs project funded by UKERC through a two-stage competitive process. She has been involved in shaping a number of successful proposals including Active Building Centre (ABC) funded by Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund; Supergen Energy Network Hubs funded by EPSRC; Reliability and cyber-security of future, smart, low carbon electrical networks project funded by Hubnet.  

She is also policy advisor for the Department for Transport (DfT) working on cybersecurity framework for Electric Vehicle (EV) chargepoints, to inform policy and relevant standards and regulatory approaches.




Dr Pourmirza principle research interests are in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Smart Energy Systems, with particular emphasis on making the ICT infrastructure energy aware and cyber secure.


Zoya has designed and delivered lectures for undergraduate and postgraduate at:

  • Newcastle University in the UK (e.g. EEE 8080 and EEE 8083)
  • AT-SGIRES project in Middle East countries (classroom lectures, online lectures, training workshops)
  • Skoltech university in Moscow, Russia


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